The Big Terrier, Joseph Sipp Jr. – Tampa HIllsborough

One of the best players in the Tampa Bay area is really good on both sides of the football. Meet Joseph Sipp from Tampa Hillsborough.

By Brian Smith @fbscout_florida

One of the better rosters within the greater Tampa Bay area and along the West Coast of Florida belongs to Tampa (Hillsborough). The Terriers boast several good players that will return for 2021, and today is a look at one of those players, Joseph Sipp. He is a very versatile all-around talent.

Joseph Sipp, LB/RB, 6-0, 215 – Class of 2022

After a junior season in which Sipp accounted for 525 yards and 12 touchdowns rushing, as well as 122 total tackles and 14 tackles for loss, there’s good reason to believe that Sipp will be one of the best overall players in Central Florida this next season. He’s best known for defense, so it’s a great place to begin when discussing Sipp.

Sipp’s quickness helped him beat offensive linemen before they could even lay a hand on him last fall; he would sprint down the line of scrimmage and hit a gap on his way to the running back. This aggressive style of play is perfect for a weak side linebacker that possesses Sipp’s natural athleticism.

Further accentuating Sipp’s talent would be how he would bend as well as sink his hips when attacking a blocker. Combined with his aforementioned quickness, Sipp would defeat one-on-one blocks with a combination of athleticism and football technique. This will serve him well playing for Hillsborough, and it will serve him well once he reaches the collegiate level as well.

While Sipp’s closing speed often finalized a tackler, his instincts to quickly diagnose a play and find the crease in the blocking scheme is just as important. If there was a flaw along the trenches, Sipp found a way to capitalize. On the offensive side of the football, Sipp is also an intriguing talent as well as prospect.

Just because a player dominates on the defensive side of the football does not mean it’s the only area a player can be successful. Sipp played running back for the Terriers as well. Three things really stood out about Sipp as a running back: a powerful one-cut-and-go runner, catches the football well, and he’s a willing blocker.

When toting the football, he’s quickly into high gear. Sipp finds the crease and attacks the seam of the defense. A physical presence, Sipp will finish runs by falling forward. He’s quick enough to juke defenders as well, and that’s why Sipp could increase his rushing totals during the 2021 season. He’s not just a runner either.

One of the ways football teams succeed in the modern era is finding different ways to utilize a running back. Sipp would block for his teammates, and he also caught three passes. Perhaps Hillsborough will use Sipp more often as an outlet and within the screen game this next fall.

Bottom line, Sipp is one of the best linebackers in the Tampa area, and he’s a talented running back as well. Look for Sipp to be amongst the best players in Central Florida again this next fall.