The Big Meat, Big Body Boys!!!

Keaton Cole, East Lake
Offensive Line

Keith Weeks, Newsome, ’12  – The O-line MVP. He stood out over a pretty good group of lineman. He has great size, athleticism (4.8 in the shuttle), very good technique & he pretty much man handled everyone he went against. He took on all takers & backed down from no one.  He currently plays center for Newsome but has some growing room and could end becoming a very good tackle prospect which is where we worked him at the combine.

Seth Crowell, Plant City, ‘13 – This young man has the ability to play all positions on the offensive line.  He is only a 10th grader, but show signs of aggressiveness, toughness and attentiveness.  He performed well in 1 on 1s and never backed down from a challenge.  He has good footwork and his technique will improve with coaching and experience.

Keaton Cole, East Lake, ‘12 – Best tackle prospect at the combine.  Great feet and hand placement.  Will need to play with a lower pad level, but he has the tools to become a big time D1 offensive tackle.

William Jackson II, Tampa Bay Tech., ’12 – If there was an enthusiasm award or “nasty” award for the linemen, Jackson would have taken it.  He was aggressive, play through the whistle and gave the defensive line a hard time.  Jackson also stepped across the line and played a little defensive tackle as well.

 All did very well winning most of their 1 on 1s and taking on the best of the D-line during the challenge period.  

Malcom Hudson, Hernando
Defensive Line

Malcolm Hudson, Hernando, ’12 – Hudson was disruptive, quick and violent and has a motor that does not stop.  At times he did his own thing and will tend to over pursue… linebackers would be in trouble.  He lacks the size to play outside the guards, but would make one heck of a 3 tech.

Quentin Robinson, Plant City, ’13 – Arguably, the best D-lineman there. This kid was physical, quick, strong and under control. He had his eyes up and you could tell he would play both run and pass well. Took coaching very well and gave lots of support to others. The kid might have been a little slim for what some coaches look for as an inside guy, but could play the outside in any scheme. I think this kid can play anywhere on the line in high school, but DE is where he would excel and dominate.

Jarrett Gretebeck, Strawberry Crest, ’13 –  Strong young man with good speed and a strong bull rush. Would fit in as a DE in a 4-3 front. Good kid, receives coaching well.  Gets frustrated against good OT play and tends to play little too high. I would enjoy coaching a player like him, because he has what you can not teach… a V-8 engine in a V-6 frame.