The 9 Things You Need To Know For April 26, 2019

The Soap Opera Never Disappoints: The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft came and went last evening, and per usual, the latest episode of the Young & the Restless, (or is it General Hospital?!) gave us everything we wanted and more. Join us as we take you through some of the best and (not-so) brightest of the evening on social media. All referenced tweets will be BELOW the lead-in…

  1. Florida High School Football, Nothing More to Say: Year-in-and-out we get the “WE THE BEST” arguments from across this great nation about who has the best “feeder” system to the collegiate and professional ranks. Other states (bless their little hearts) have to bring in “per capita” qualifiers and whatnot, and every time they invent new ways to make themselves feel better than the Sunshine State, they fail like Aunt Becky getting her child into college. Good job, good effort. There are cities, CITIES in this state producing more NFL talent alone than some states produce IN TOTAL over a multi-year period. Here’s the final tally from the first round if you need it. Granted, all 5 are from down south, but they still reside in Florida, right?

2. At Least You Tried: Welp. Shut it down, coaches. This guy has declared it to be so, and therefore we must oblige. Well, actually, what this guy did was give us a textbook definition of false equivalency, Texas-sized Ego’s are something else, and that this is precisely what a parody account should look like. The only appropriate response to this tweet should be: “Sir, this is an Arby’s Drive-Thru.”

3. The Stars Aligning: Draft time always brings about talking and grading-out the recruiting rankings from high school. It may not be a *major* thing to a ton of people, but in our world, we like to see that sort of data early-and-often. Here’s the report card based on Rivals’ rankings from last night.

4. Here We Go Again: Listen. We’ve tried to pass along AS WELL AS straight-up write articles ourselves about the stars vs. no-stars argument. Do stars matter? Yes. Do they also not matter? Yes….You see, there’s this thing in life where there just so happens to be more than just a two-sides-only, or black-and-white-only approach to a topic that has more layers than a fiesta dip from Sam’s Club. Where the author of this tweet goes wrong is that he fails to recognize the *obvious* info needed to poke holes in the *general theory* of stars altogether. Only 2 of the 32 got drafted. For him to use the word “unequivocally” is a little ridiculous. What’s unequivocal is that 3 and 4-stars are just likely if not more likely to get drafted than the 5-stars. It’s just that the 5-stars are telling them to kiss the rings. Worst part? He’s an actual sports editor for a major newspaper in Texas.

5. That’s Pretty Good: FSU’s Brian Burns was the only one of the “Big 3” to go in the first round. And while there should be quite a few guys reppin’ Florida schools coming off the board in the coming days, it was quite the accomplishment for the ‘Noles as a program as far as first rounds go. Now, about that performance on the field.

6. Something To Chew On: Presented without much further context other than this situation is not that far off from programs in our own state. Keep grinding and trust your coaches.

7. SHOW SOME LOVE TO THE BIG FELLAS: They ain’t pretty, but it’s their job to be where the pretty people don’t want to go. Check this little stat out.

8. TRUST THE PROCESS!! Gator greats and just football fans in general should follow Jacquez Green on Twitter, since he’s genuinely one of the realest dudes on there and DOES NOT give you coach-speak. Pay attention to this message, young folks!

9. 22 Sacks As A Junior: Dylan Ridolph, Wiregrass Ranch High School, 2020, LB/DE