The 5 Things You Need To Know for January 12, 2019

Congrats everyone! You made it to the weekend, and we at BCP couldn’t be happier for you; seriously. We hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of “5 Things” and that we’ve made your cup of coffee or lunch time break just a little bit better. With that said, enjoy the weekend and be great!

  1. WAKE UP AND COMPETE: The 8th edition of BCP’s signature event, now formerly known as IGNITE and simply called E7, gets underway at Larry Sanders Park at 10:00am tomorrow morning. Just like the name change, some other changes are in store for the players and folks coming to watch. Gone are the testing aspects of 40’s, shuttles, benches, etc. and in are ALL things football in terms of drills and sequences that mirror live action. Also different this year, is the event will actually take place over two separate days. Tomorrow’s camp will deal specifically with small-skills like RB, QB, DB, CB and on the 17th of February we will check-in on the big hawgs with the big man skills. The lack of time devoted to 40’s, shuttles, etc. means more time to get repetition on tangible things, plus plenty of time to see who has that desire to compete with anybody and everybody. The weather should be perfect, and so should the competition. Go check it out!
  2. Perfect 10? Pfft Please–More Like, Perfect 11: Warning! This is for football nerds and junkies only. The Los Angeles Rams continue to fascinate the rest of the entire pigskin kingdom with their offensive innovation spurred by the savant known as Sean McVay, and with good reason. Ordinarily the goal is to mix up formations, create doubt and confusion, and so on. The Rams literally give zero you-know-what’s about this philosophy. This season, according to an article by The Ringer’s Robert Mays, the Rams used 11 personnel (RB, TE, 3WR’s) NINETY-SIX percent of the time. Only 5 other teams used 11 over 80%, and the Rams ran *just* 25 plays from other personnel groupings. So, if Ben McAdoo ran 11 at a 92% clip in 2016 and got fired, how does it work for McVay and his crew? Because that grouping is the ONLY thing that remains a constant. For more, go and check the article at and prepare to be amazed.
  3. That—just got awkward: In an article this week from it seems as though one poor soul in the Raiders’ ticket office will not be celebrating 2019 as originally planned. In what should be considered THEEEE most poignant lesson in “knowing your audience”, a member of the Oakland Raiders’ ticket staff placed a call to a potential buyer, touting the clubs historical significance and their pride of being the first club to hire a female front office member in the league. Slight problem. The call was placed to one Amy Trask, who, is the female they were touting via scripted pitch. If you follow Trask on Twitter (an extremely good one we might add @AmyTrask), then you know that her sense of decency, humor, and all-around civility would not allow her to absolutely go-in on that poor soul, but she did have some fun with it responding with: “that’s neat-o”. It’s apparent that Amy Trask is a national treasure, and the Oakland Raiders are already residing in Davy Jones’ Locker.
  4. Now THAT–just got *more* awkward: SEC Network sideline analyst and former Auburn offensive lineman Cole Cubelic (@colecubelic) tweeted out this week that he had spoken with a staff member at Clemson and that the Tigers had prepped for Alabama the entire bowl season, spending just one week on Notre Dame. Of course that spawned the obligatory denial from the upstate region and congruently birthed a bevy of yelling and screaming on Twitter from coaches, players, NARPS (aka non-athletic regular people), and so on. Try and contain your shock there, that people were yelling at each other on that application, but we digress. The point is this, whoever the Fredo on Clemson’s staff that revealed what is actually most-believable after watching both games–tisk-tisk to him and a “what is you doin’?” and even IF Cubelic is somehow sensationalizing the anecdote, that’s exactly what looked like Clemson did during the bowl prep. Better get used to your kings wearing orange and not crimson. It’s a new day throughout the college football lands.
  5. PERSPECTIVE: You never know when it’s your time to be a selfless human being without regard or care for anything unless it’s in the service of complete strangers, who, YOU KNOW cannot give anything tangible in return, but a response. In a story from the Daytona Beach News Journal’s Chris Boyle, that was the case with girls basketball coach and Headmaster at Deltona Trinity Christian, Karen Neher. Having to travel by private car to Apopka late without her team last week, she noticed a man preparing to jump onto I-4 from an overpass during rush hour and without blinking sprung into action. The man had lost his 16-year old son Caleb a decade ago in a crash in DeLand, a crash that he had survived with just a scrape, and that having lost his job and not really caring anymore, it was time to go out on the road that his son did. Neher immediately spoke to the man explaining that she had a 17-year old son named?–you guessed it–Caleb. It was at that point the man broke down, and things began to deescalate to the point that authorities could intervene properly. The gentlemen eventually came down off the overpass, and eventually Trinity lost the game later that night, but their coach and the leader of their school is also a leader in this human race. Well done, Coach Neher. Please go to for EVEN MORE details on her “why” and have a blessed weekend, everyone.