The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 6, 2019

  1. Because Nobody Can Tell Them Apart, Actually: Let’s start this National Signing Day Edition of “The 5 Things…” with an outside-the-box story on how the German soccer giants and European Club royalty, Bayern Munich is studying the habits of–college football fans–in order to better understand their brand and everything it entails. If an entity that i printing money and *on the surface* has no correlation to college football whatsoever is studying how they do it in college, folks should take notice. Keep in mind, we shared a story about HSFB recruiting in Germany being a gold mine, and we will have (we call this a tease) more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, check this article out by
  2. It’s Business AND Personal: Time is money. Doesn’t matter what the scenario is in this day and age in professional sports. IT always comes back to the race against the clock–especially in football–to get the most from your body AND hopefully earn a degree that gets you set for the future away from football. But don’t think for a single, solitary second that college coaches aren’t screaming from the mountain tops without even saying a word when it comes to gauging the “real” success on the business side–or the recruiting side. Just print the data.
  3. A CAUTIONARY TALE: We strive to provide as much information and knowledge as humanly possible, regardless of source. Until we reach a day that humans have an actual genetic trait like Robocop to spot ugly, shysters and dispose of them accordingly, then we will have to depend on stories like these, and others, when it comes to staying informed in the world of recruiting. Check this story out from SI’s Ross Dellenger:
  4. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: As long as the system is what it is, then stories like these next two gems from SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey will *always* have relevancy. This first one was written in April of ’14–and yet, things have somehow turned up even more to beyond Wild Wild West status. We know they exist, and in the shaping of this character, we’ve somehow created an image that would make Lucky Luciano’s ghost reconsider the entire process. NOTHING gets done until the NCAA and the various presidents of virtually everything get together and decide this is not a good way to do things:
  5. WELL, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: Hey look! It’s a court–ran by kangaroos! Well, perhaps that’s a little bit too much tongue-in-cheek, but juxtapose *this* investigation and subsequent findings with what just happened at Missouri. While YOU may not find a correlation, it all stills falls under the jurisdiction of the court. The Kangaroo Court.