The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 22, 2019

The party don’t stop! It’s a TGIF vibe for The 5 with some dudes that were serious about their business on Sunday. Three of these dudes are *just* completing their sophomore seasons, with the word “upside” doing no justice to describe what’s going on with their games at the moment.

  1. LARGE MIKE: Tampa Catholic’s Michael Gonzalez is a 6-4/230 Class of 2020 prospect that worked with the linebackers on Sunday, and he’s got a special vibe to him, folks. Already at the size he’s good-to-go at the LB spot, but he may grow into a full-fledged DE in college coaches eyes. That vibe we spoke of? He reminds us of one Anthony Chickillo from the frame to the mentality. Yeah, that’s not too shabby. He obviously played with sheer physicality in the pass rush drills, and he also possessed much looser hips than expected. Usually, dudes at that size tend to move a little stiff, but not in his case. Gonzalez tallied 97 tackles this past season for TC, with 64 of those solo, with 17 tackles for loss. He added 5.5 sacks, 24 hurries, 2 passes defensed, and a fumble recovery to his CV in 2018 as well.
  2. CROSS HIM IF YOU WANT TO: Calvary Christian’s David Crossan checks-in as a 2020 LB at 6-3/225 and boy he passes the eye test with flying colors. Simply put, Crossan’s tackling ability in the open field drills is what set him apart from the others on the film breakdown of Sunday’s action. Crossan appeared in 8 games and finished with 23 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, and a fumble recovery for the Warriors in 2018.
  3. NOTHING COULD BE FINER: River Ridge’s Connor Finer starts the crop of 2021’s we teased in the open. The Royal Knights never lack for at least one can’t-miss prospect for college coaches at all levels to come and scoop, and Finer fits that bill. One of the most important aspects to his game is that his shirt/shorts game matches perfectly with his padded film, which we loved. Something that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. His frame for a sophomore (6-4/201) is poppin’, and it appears he loves the weight room. Finer finished his 2018 season with 52 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, 3 passes defensed, 2 fumbles caused, and just to make him even more desirable–he averaged 32 yards a punt with a long 50.
  4. THE LAWMAN: Durant OL Wyatt Lawson’s development is proof-positive that good coaching + coachability = success. He camped with us last season, and was even an Xecutive as a freshman, but man have things progressed nicely this season. He camped on Sunday as an OL, but also finds himself a contributor from the DT spot for the Cougars. Lawson (6-3/275) finished his 2018 campaign on that side with 39 tackles, and 7 tackles for loss.
  5. BOUT THAT BIZNESS: Things happen, paths change, and don’t ever underestimate the power behind the sentiment that when one door closes, another one opens for you to absolutely crash through. 2021 QB Enzo Tedesco (6-3/190) is now reppin’ Sickles after a sophomore season at Jesuit and showed he’s so far gone from that part with no time for the foolishness. Laser focus, high velocity, great trajectory, and throwing well on the move is the best way to summarize his performance on Sunday. Stay tuned.