The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 20, 2019

We are merely at the tip of the iceberg in terms of film breakdown, so bare with us. We start off today’s 5 with some OOT’s (out-of-towners) that deserve some love, and then bring you up to speed on some local ballers. Enjoy!
  1. FEAR THE STRIKE: We start with a couple of ballers from the east side (Space Coast specifically) of the peninsula. Space Coast High School plays in one of the toughest districts in all of the region in 5A with Palm Bay, Rockledge, and Merritt Island to deal with before even making it to the postseason. The Vipers went 6-4 last season and their Class of 2020 leader under center Christopher Squires (6-3/170) along with DE/MLB Hunter Pratt (6-1/210) played a significant role in that winning season. Squires was really consistent on Sunday displaying good mechanics and release with a tight spiral into the wind showcasing his arm strength. Squires threw for 1,235 yards last season to nearly match his sophomore output to put him a a lock to surpass 3,000 yards passing. Pratt was a nightmare for opposing offenses with 67 tackles and 14 tfl’s.
  2. WARRIOR MODE: Orlando Christian Prep wrapped up a 9-2 season as Sunshine State Athletic Conference State Champions dethroning Saint Stephen’s and are in seemingly in good shape to defend that title in 2019. Luis Tejada (5-8/185) is a 2020 RB that checks a lot of boxes for potential college suitors. Tejada plays every bit of that 185 pounds he’s listed at, and attacks defenders with brute strength as a north/south runner. Tejada was outstanding in pass pro drills as well, and possesses and extremely quick lateral ability before cutting up field and leaving defenders in the dust. Tejada finished with 559 yards rushing on 87 carries with 5 touchdowns for the Warriors in 2018.
  3. BATTLESHIP MODE: The Lakeland Dreadnaughts straight-up ran through (literally) their opponents en route to an undefeated season and Class 7A State Championship this past season. One guy that brings intrigue for the future is DT Willie Lampkin. Now, we say DT even though he’s listed as a C/G on MaxPreps. At 6-2/285, Lampkin just might be slightly underneath what elite schools are looking for at his position, but him showing up to play DT on Sunday with that frame spells nightmare for teams on the “Naughts schedule. Lampkin showed great leverage, toughness, and resiliency after winning battles that started as potential losses. He also showed an extremely quick burst to the gap. Stay tuned to see if he plays both ways or makes the switch this season. Either way, we think he’s gonna be more than fine.
  4. HE CAN DO BOTH: Armwood’s Isaiah Doby (2021) is a RB that checks in at 5-8/165 with plenty of intrigue and upside to his game. Doby came to camp in January as a wide receiver, then showed up on Sunday listed as a running back. In January he was fantastic, and this past weekend was more of the same. Doby tracks the ball easily when it’s in the air, showed explosiveness on vertical jumps/50-50 balls that easily fool defenders because of his height, and possessed really clean footwork during his individual drills.
  5. FULL CIRCLE: The last time we saw Land O’Lakes QB Ethan Forrester, he was barely in middle school as a camper at one of the first Pasco County events. Fast forward to 2019, and he stands at 6-2/6-3 and is every bit of 220 pounds. Forrester helped the Gators reach their best season since 2013, and finished the season with 1,429 yards on 52% completion rate. He added 12 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions is well on pace to crack the 3,000 yard mark passing for his career this fall. On Sunday, Forrester showed that great size with good mobility, a really quick snap of the wrist on his passes and of course, a huge arm regardless of the windy conditions.