The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 15, 2019

  1. No, He Didn’t Go To USF: This one is tailor-made for Florida. It seems like no matter the situation in elected government, when something completely mystifying makes the news its roots are usually found in the House of Representatives, whether it’s in Tallahassee or Washington D.C., and this time is no exception. While there are many of us that spend our Saturdays (or perhaps 365 days a year) wishing evil things upon our rivals, this one DOES NOT come courtesy of a USF grad. In fact, he is from Tucson, and a Harvard alumnus. Representing the good folks of southern Brevard County is Mr. Randy Fine. And while there are some curious things regarding his work prior to elected office, both while in school and beyond, his work on the Indian River Lagoon has been pretty good, which is pretty important quite frankly. This isn’t a hit piece, however. This particular fight he’s taking up at the moment? Well, this one is a doozy. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China you ask? Well. WELP.
  2. Food For Thought: If it wasn’t so easy *not* to choke, then this wouldn’t be a much-needed reminder that preparation and self-belief pretty much lays the foundation for the old choke-job to get waxed from the vernacular and entire belief structure. Alas, it’s hard to put in the amount of work and sacrifice that amount of time just to have you dadgum brain get in the way of all the God-given physical ability. It’s not even about sports if we’re keeping it real. In fact, sports are awesome in the sense that a *season* allows you to properly employ point #2 that’s made in this quick hit by the USA Today High School section. When the athletics are done, choking can cost wayyyyyy more than just a team loss. It can cost food on the table, or that promotion, or that job you somehow screwed up the interview and someone else got for no other good reason than you choked. That’s why this is such a good reminder the process of preventing this is actually quite simple. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard at times. Humans, and all that stuff, right?
  3. C’Mon MANNNN: We presented you with the teenager from France that somehow managed to figure out that weighing a PS4 would bring a much-needed shortcut to the whole “secure the bag” process last week, and as a quick reminder we thought that kind of critical thinking needs to be rewarded once the time is paid back to the system. In Russia, we are feeling very much the same. Granted, laws are laws, and while we may not agree with them, that are what they are. That said, GIVE THIS YOUNG MAN SOME WORK when he gets out.
  4. SHOW ME THE MONEAYYYYY: It’s NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte, and here’s the annual list of teams that are printing their own money. For some of those that may fans of a certain team that plays in a certain facility named The Mecca, LET’S GO. WHILE WE ARE YOUNG, JIMMY D.
  5. WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS?!?: Now there will be some folks that instantly see $$$$$$$$$ in the form of shape-shifting ads that essentially get us one step closer to robots. Others will see this as nothing-but-bad*** and will spend their entire paycheck to buy one. Perhaps some players will stat figuring out which teams look best for them when pondering their next stop in free agency. You be the judge.