The 5 Things You Need To Know For August 27th, 2019

In case you didn’t already know, IT IS TEMPO AND TACO TUESDAY! It’s time to get it poppin’…and it’s time to send a message to Dorian: “You str8t?”

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THREAD: If you happen to have a Twitter account, then here is something that you absolutely MUST read. If you don’t have one, then we suggest you google search: “Rich Ohrnberger speaks”. It’s worth your time, and it’s a perspective that is paramount when it comes to the noise surrounding Andrew Luck’s retirement.

2. YOU SHOULD NOT PANIC, BUT YOU SHOULD WORRY: The NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) released their annual data on high school participation in sports across the spectrum, and for the first time in three decades, the number of participants declined. Just like all studies that include such massive amounts of data points however, there’s a lot to unpack here, and it doesn’t necessarily equate to a trend. It’s merely one year at this point, but a decline is what happened and some things probably will be looked at much closer as a result of this. Here is the USAToday’s quick visit on the topic—>

3. THE RANKINGS ARE OUT: Opening week of the 2019 season has come-and-gone, and thus we have the *new* rankings reflective of last week’s results courtesy of the FloridaHSFootball. Just three of our teams (Lakeland, Armwood, and Venice) made the cut in the all-classification T-25, but there were 23 others making either T-10 or “First-5 Out” status in their respective classes. Tampa Bay does have 40% of the T-5 though with Lakeland at #1 and Armwood at #5. One team, Plant City, might have a reason to be a little angry in our humble opinion, but other than that, we see many reasons to be happy. Teams with rankings inside their T-10’s are: Sarasota-Riverview, Lakeland, Venice, Palmetto, Charlotte, Gaither, Lake Wales, Jesuit, The Villages, Berkeley Prep, CCC, Cardinal Mooney, Victory Christian, Admiral Farragut, Cambridge Christian, and Seffner Christian. Teams that made the “First Five Out” category are: Plant, Tampa Bay Tech, Clearwater, Braden River, Nature Coast Tech, Hardee, Tampa Catholic, Lakewood, South Sumter, and Zephyrhills Christian. For the full rankings and WHERE those teams were specifically, here’s the link—>

Tampa Catholic head football coach Jeris McIntyre providing instruction during summer camp.

4. PREPARE TO BE ANGERED OR ELATED: It’s Tuesday, and aside from picking the tempo up and smashing some tacos in our bellies, it’s time to digest this week’s Joe Pinkos Forecast. Last week, as we mentioned, there were some curious results that the CPU didn’t see coming. See if you can spot the ones we’ve already spotted before we mention them on Thursday. LINK—->

5. WHEN YOU’RE JUST FOLLOWING THE COACHES ORDERS: When the coach orders you to sell the dadgum penalty or suffer the consequences, this is what you do. Good on ya, young man. This comes courtesy of the San Diego area from last Friday night. ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE!