TGIF: The 5 Things You Need To Know For October 4, 2019

  1. Stranger Things: There are some very peculiar point differentials throughout the state for this evening. See if you can spot some of the obvious ones–>
  2. The Rank and File: See where all of the BCP Coverage area teams find themselves in the statewide rankings, and see for yourself whether or not they’ll be moving up, staying where they’re at, or moving out:
  3. Honoring the Past: Fort Myers is a town that is oil-baron rich with history on the high school football side. Here’s an awesome look at the Green Wave honoring the 50th Anniversary of FMHS’ first African-American players from 1969 by David Dorsey:
  4. Even More Florida HSFB Literature: We just mentioned the author David Dorsey in the previous thing to know, but did you know he also penned a fantastic book about the history of the Dunbar neighborhood in Fort Myers? This is a book called “Fourth Down in Dunbar” and it’s one that’s absolutely worth every penny and your time if you love HSFB:
  5. Countdown to Tuesday: The first installment of the FHSAA Power Rankings will be coming down the pipe on Tuesday. Just refresher, when trying to *loosely* figure out without pulling out a calculator, try and remember this: It’s 35% the team’s winning percentage, 35% their opponents’ winning percentage, and 30% their opponents-opponents winning percentage. Boiled down to this, there will be several teams with multiple losses that will absolutely be IN the playoffs already and several others that will be around .500 that will be in the mix because of how good the schedules really are throughout the regions. There’s bound to be some major surprises even for those teams that could be 6-1/7-0 in some cases because there are without question 4-3/5-2 teams that will have better schedules and wins than those without them. It just remains to be seen who it is, and we can’t wait!