Tempo set at Newsome

Practice: Newsome
Date: 8/6/12

Including junior varsity, there had to be at least 80-100 kids present at practice. Many teams struggle with bodies to able to hold a timely and efficient practice. Not a problem Newsome. There were plenty of kids and plenty of coaches to assist with the organization and structure of practice.

Practice was very structured and ran very smooth. Every player, including junior varsity players knew where they had to be when each whistle blew. There was never any wasted time, movement or drills with no purpose. The coaches were in the kids’ pockets. Coaching their tails off and attempting to get the most of each player in the time allotted.

The Tempo of practice drastically picked up during defensive focus. Head football coach, Ken Hiscock pulled a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Going from a “kind of” amped up during offensive focus to an “EXTREME 10” during defensive focus. His team fed off of his energy and responded as expected.

Key Players

Will Worth, Newsome 2013 QB/LB
Will Worth, Newsome 2013 QB/LB

Will Worth, QB/LB: How many QBs double as the starting LB? Worth is the best player in Tampa Bay without a verbal offer. Gutsy, tough, relentless all may be understatements for worth. He had a solid day one practice. Looked sharp throwing on the run and executing the offense.

Clint Carnell, RB: Underrated for sure. But not underappreciated by his team. Shifty back with plenty of skill. Caught the ball well during practice.

Aaron Wade, CB/WR: Wade will be playing more offense this year. Newsome lost players do to graduation and playmakers are needed to fill that void. Wade will be able help stretch the field for Newsome and create more run lanes for Worth and the RBs.

Jacques Braggs, DE: Braggs moves down to the defensive line this season. 6-2/215lbs, could really benefit him and his team.

Noah Schaller, LB: Pure football player. He is scrappy and plays with a fire.

Bentley Easley, DT: The time is now for Easley. Coaches have been waiting for him to strive to reach his potential. Great frame and lower body strength.