Team Tampa Falls, But Impresses

Tyriq McCord, Jefferson

The environment was great. Athletes running around, a little mouth jabbing back and forth and it seemed as though they were enjoying playing football again.  The best part about all star teams/events is observing how fast bonds are formed between players who play and hear about each other week in and week out. It’s as if they have been teammates for years.

But on the other hand, it was hard to differentiate teams because they were all in the same uniform.  Although the event staff did have a complete roster, the roster did not have where the teams were from.  And though these are new fields, they were in bad shape.  Throughout the games, you saw coaches and parents smoothing over rough patches in the fields.  Then, there was the over time format: the ball was set at mid field, each team received one play and the team that completed the pass for the most yards was the winner. 

Team Tampa

RD1: vs Hard Knocks 2 – W

RD 2: vs South Florida Blur – W

Final 4: vs Footballers Ice – L 

14 team tournament, single game elimination, Footballers Ice defeated South Florida Express to win the Event.



Kent Taylor, Land O Lakes

Kent Taylor, Land O Lakes, 2012 – He is going to be a problem (in a good way)!  There is really no way a coach is going to be able to create a game plan to stopvhim.  I was surprised to see how athletic he is — he out jumped the best corners, ran past the most athletic linebackers, and if the ball was in the air, it was his.  To be 6-5, his route running ability was darn good.  I like this player a lot!

Charles Booth, Jefferson, 2012 – On a state championship team which signed two Big East WRs (Chris Moore and Andre Davis), Booth is now ready for his turn.  Today, he showed that he can do just about anything.  He is a smooth route runner and has excellent hands.  He is very explosive and gets off the ground in a hurry to get the ball out of the sky.  I was surprised how swift he is and how well he caught the football.

Most Impressed

Vernon Hargreaves, Wharton

Vernon Hargreaves, Wharton, 2013 – One of the young pups on Team Tampa, he made plays like a big dog.  Each time I watched this young man, he stoodout.  Today was no different.  He is a “bright light” kid; meaning, when he is on the big stage and the bright lights are on, you know he is there.  He was flying around, leaving his feet and laying out to make plays.  He was rarely out of position and it seemed like the older players knew he was going to make a play when the ball was thrown at him.

Nelson Agholor, Berkeley Prep, 2012 – He is a special player.  He has all the tools.  He displayed why he is so highly recruited.  Explosive, elusive, tough, competitive, bright, motivated, and I don’t think there is anything he can’t do.  Today, he showed great instinct vs. some of the best competition in the state.  He is disciplined, but takes chances. 


Dante’ Fowler, Lakewood, 2012 and Tyriq McCord, Jefferson, 2012 – What if Fowler and McCord ended up at the same university?  For a second time, I was privileged to see these two monsters side by side.  Fowler is lower body heavy and has excellent horizontal/lateral movement.  McCord is top heavy and gets off the ground in a hurry.  Fowler showed a great change of direction, while McCord has a great 1st step which he used today getting out of his underneath LB drop.

The Future

Leon McQuay III, Armwood

Leon McQuay III, Armwood, 2013 – I’m not sure if he knows who he is.  What do I mean by that?  If you have ever had a conversation with L3 (family nickname), he is very humble, big smile and seems like he can do without all the attention.  But, when you watch his mannerism and demeanor on the football field, it’s like he just pulled a Clark Kent.  On the football field, he is confident, focused and has the “Eye of the Tiger.”  Today, he showed that he is a superb athlete. He reads the QB well and breaks on the ball with great body control and balance.   To watch him move is a thing of beauty, always under control and pretty good feet to be 6-2.

Team Tampa Roster
Greg Windham, King
Loius Pappas, Tarpon Springs
Matt Jones, Armwood
Kent Taylor, Land O Lakes
Nelson Agholor, Berkeley Prep
Richard Benjamin, Middleton
Alvin Bailey, Armwood
Adrian Jenkins, Jefferson
Charles Booth, Jefferson
D’Quall Randall, Palmetto
Tyriq McCord, Jefferson
Dante’ Fowler, Lakewood
Jarvis McCall, Armwood
Vernon Hargreaves, Wharton
Will Watson, Jefferson
Brian Poole, Bradenton Southeast
Leon McQuay III, Armwood
Aaron Jenkins, Jefferson
Isaac Tanner, Freedom
Tyrel Nun, Freedom