Storm forming at Clearwater High

11:42a – Clearwater High, Clearwater, FL

Brandon Leston, Clearwater, WR/DB, 2012
Brandon Leston, Clearwater, WR/DB, 2012

I walked into a coach’s office, no bigger than a single family home bathroom. But, some of the most helpful guys you will ever meet. If you have never been to Clearwater High, it is not a school that will wow you with the scenery or school structure. It is a school with a lot of history and great community support. The best part about my job is seeing the kids that are excited to see you. I met 4 seniors before practice and I could see the appreciation in their eyes that BCP was attending their practice. Not really knowing what to expect, I met one of the most intriguing head coaches in the game (Tom Bostic). I have not met a head coach like him. He is like the candy man in your neighborhood that can sell you a snickers, 2 pickles, icee cup and tell you stories for days about how things use to be. He draws you in with his helpfulness, wits and experience. Some of the guys that have been around for a while have a very clear cut personality. Garcia at Hillsborough is never at a lose for words and gives a great interview. Callahan at Armwood is kind of like this overseer who doesn’t lay down the hammer until every other option has been exhausted. John Davis at CCC cracks the whip and the jokes. But, Bostic is easy going and seems to have so much knowledge stored. Oh and the assistant coaches were awesome also!

The anticipation builds
Brandon Leston gets back on the field since the spring of his sophomore season. He returns back to Clearwater after a stint at Clearwater Central Catholic. This young man has an incredible frame with wide shoulders and long arms. I watched him run around some today. He is almost 6-2/185-195lbs and solid; very athletic and physical. Though this will actually become his rookie year all over again, you can see he has all the tools.

Not a big name but should play a big game
QB, Robert Yarborough showed signs of a leader and motivator today. I think he has good QB mechanics and can throw the ball well enough to win games. He is not the biggest, but should have a big impact because of the intangibles he brings to the table.

Who you don’t know
William Glenn, DE/WR, 2012 – Tall rangy player who is physical and has the ability to catch the ball in traffic

Allajah Graham, WR/DB, 2012 – The guy who could possibly make the biggest impact this year. Lots of attention will be on Glenn and Leston which could allow Graham a chance to have a great season.