Still Getting it done: Dixie Hollins’ Chaddrick Cann Jr

The age-old debate about X’s-and-O’s vs. Jimmie’s and Joe’s never fails to give us the necessary food for thought when you look at players that highly achieve in offensive schemes that aren’t exactly conducive to putting up gaudy numbers from a specific spot. Case in point is Dixie Hollins QB Chaddrick Cann Jr.–the 6-foot-2, 195-pounder threw for 1,400+ yards for the Rebels while operating the Wing-T on offense proving that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Dixie Hollins QB, Chaddrick Cann Jr. (6-2/195)
Dixie Hollins QB, Chaddrick Cann Jr. (6-2/195)

Cann Jr. wasn’t done any favors when he stepped into the role this season having to follow Tyree Adams and his 6,186 passing yards for his career while at Dixie. He was given even less hope (in theory) to showcase the arm strength and pocket skills that we’ve seen him display since he was a freshman at the camps, but first-year Head Coach Shane Wheeler had other things in mind and decided to throw wrinkles into the approach–and Cann Jr. was able to deliver the kind of production that warrants some attention.

This past season, Cann Jr. finished with 1,454 yards passing an seven touchdowns in his first season under center full time for Dixie Hollins after finishing his sophomore season as a wide receiver catching seven passes for 140 yards from Adams. His favorite target was TE Pro Wells–who caught over 900 yards of those 1,400+ yards. Although the rate of success in terms of wins and losses didn’t exactly change from the previous season, the questions asked about whether or not Cann Jr. could run an offense that’s seemingly run-based, but also make plays with his arm were answered loudly and lends reason to be excited for his prospects this fall and beyond.

Oh–and if any extra motivation was needed to power through the season, Memphis’ Paxton Lynch and FSU’s Sean Maguire were both QB’s operating in a Wing-T system while in high school. All Lynch has done since he left the obscurity of Deltona’s Trinity Christian is play his way into the conversation as one of the top QB’s in the NFL Draft, and Maguire–while not exactly lighting the world on fire like Lynch, has found his way running an offense with success that’s the very definition of a Pro-Style concept.