Sterling Ready: Cuse commit with lofty 2014 goals

NAME: Sterling Hofrichter
POSITION: Kicker/Punter
SCHOOL: Armwood
CLASS: 2015

2013 STATS
87 kickoffs, 5311 yards, 67 touchbacks
27 punts, 975 yards, 36.1 avg
70/71 on PATs and 9/14 on FGs

Besides a powerful leg, accurate aim and calm, cool demeanor, Sterling is a humble competitor, looking for any edge to better his game. The 2015 Hawk is a Syracuse commit, looking forward and not past his senior season at Armwood. Likely to be the top ranked team when the BCP Sweet 16 ranking drops prior to the season, Sterling was a big reason why the Hawks survived a few playoff scares in 2013. But 2014 will bring a new season, with new challenges and Hofrichter will have to bring some magic.

What are you expectations for Armwood football in 2014?
SH: My expectations are to go undefeated, dominate every team and become state champions!

How have you seen yourself grow on and off the field since being a member of the Hawk football team?
SH: I have definitely gotten a lot better at kicking and punting. I had Nick Feely to basically teach me some my freshman and sophomore year and that helped me a bunch. At Armwood you aren’t given anything. You have to earn it. You have to workout for it. Many kicker’s don’t get respect from teammates because the some kicker’s just kick and go home or they don’t work out. I have my teammates respect because I workout with them, do the running with then and I even do the punishments with them.

What has been your biggest moment to date?
SH: My biggest moment is probably getting a scholarship offer from Syracuse and then committing to Syracuse. It was a dream come true to be able to continue playing football at the next level.

What are your goals for 2014?
SH: My goals for 2014 is to have at least 95% of my kickoffs to be touchbacks, be more than 90% on field goals, and average above 42 yards on punts along with doing some directional punting.

The recent commitment to The Cuse, what prompted that decision?
SH: the coaches at Syracuse were great and believed in me since the day they saw me kick. They showed that they really wanted me. I also love the campus, dorms, and Carrier Dome. It will be amazing to kick in a dome where I won’t have to worry about the cold, wind, rain or snow.

What are looking forward to gaining at this year’s BCP Boot Camp Training Camp?
SH: I’m looking at gaining some insight from kicking coaches and I also love to compete and so that will be a lot of fun.