South Sumter runs through Pasco

Well, the game started off pretty good.  The defenses traded punches, and then Pasco started to click, jumping on the board first with a Nate Craig TD run.  The crowds were active, the pink (Breast Cancer Awareness) was bright and the cannon smoke filled the air.  But then reality hit in the form of South Sumter. Final score Sumter 38 Pasco 14

Once the Raiders figured out the strength of the Pasco defense was on the perimeter, they started to work on the inside. Like a boxer throwing body shot after body shot. Not looking for the kill shot yet. Just wearing down the opponent, physically and mentally, waiting for the right time to throw the knockout punch. PJ Brown, Ladovick Gibson, Anderson Faulk and other backs buried the ball on the inside of the Pirate D. Late in the game, you could tell the two-way players were mentally and physically drained. South Sumter was not doing anything special. They just kept coming, rushing the ball for 5 yards here, 7 yards there and then a big chunk for 12 or 15 yards. Their big offensive line dominated the second half of the ball game and really imposed their will on the deflated Pasco defensive front.

The defensive line doesn’t get much credit. They do their job, clog gaps, create a pile and allow the other players to get all the glory. Well, in this game, the best player on the field at any time was not one of the pretty quarterbacks or the national recruit or one of the bullish linebackers. The top dog was DT Montel Presley. The Big Boy was a landlord upfront for South Sumter. He kept the Pasco center on his heels for the majority of the game. Pasco began to double-team him and it worked for a small period of time. He adjusted and started to split the double team and continue to create chaos in the offensive backfield for Pasco. Presley is built like a bulldog. Low to the ground, strong lower and upper body strength and when he knew he had the advantage, it was no turning down. Oh, had an interception also in the game.

Montel Presley, South Sumter DT

Tyree Austin, Pasco DB – Flew around last night. Never lost his confidence. Played with a chip on his shoulder.

Malik Johns, Pasco ATH – Did everything with in his power to provide a spark for his team. Played WR, RB, QB, DB, KR and PR. Tough going last night, but he left everything he had on the field.

Brandon Debyah, Pasco LB – Ran around and was around the ball wherever it was. Played the inside run pretty well and hustled to the outside runs.

Ladovick Gibson, South Sumter RB – The big play guy for South Sumter. The guy that created the spark for the Raider faithful. Had a few big runs and showed great speed and ability.

PJ Brown, South Sumter FB – When the Raiders needed to keep the chains moving and drain the clock, they called on #44 and #44 delivered. No nifty moves, no sideways running, downhill and whoever was in is way, was going for a ride with him.

Brandon Anderson, South Sumter LB – Passes the “Eye Test” and plays just as well. Nice size, rangy backer who stayed by the ball all night.