Ahhh, “The Smalls”…The dudes who have the heart of a Lion. But the size of honey badger. They are gritty, tough, fast, elusive and don’t take much crap.

We identified some, not all, but some underclassmen players who fit that description. There are surely others, but right now…the following guys are certified.

We have them all listed as being 5 foot 9 inches or shorter in height. However, we have also evaluated them as college prospects and feel many of them will be quality recruits despite their stature.

Dontavius Smith, Jefferson (Tampa), 2019, OW and Joe Hodge, Tampa Catholic, 2020, OW are much of the same. Both electric and physical. As you can see we classified Hodge and Smith as “OW” – Offensive Weapons. They can play a few different positions and extremely successful at each. Get caught flat-footed against either one of these athletes and you will get left looking silly. Such burst after the catch and silly good routes. Each gears down at the top of the route and gets up the field quickly.

Ahmarean Brown, Tampa Catholic, 2019, SLOT and Kion Brown, Largo, 2019, SLOT could be the fasted of the athletes listed. We clocked Ahmarean twice under 4.4 forty yard dash. Watch Kion’s film and clock that speed when this young man scoots up the sideline during a punt return. The hand/eye coordination is top notch along with the natural hands. Keon is fearless while Ahmarean is super confident in his ability to outrun any defender.

The the running back department Eddravian Butler, Palmetto, 2020, RB and Omarion Coleman, Blake, 2020, RB are super slippery. Add Derek Bryant, Pinellas Park, 2020 to that list. Defenders must wrap up and secure tackles against these guys. If not, each can turn a small gain into a big gain. Fluip hips, really good upfield burst and can feel angles.

Jalen Bussey, Tampa Catholic, 2019, RB and Javion Hanner, Zephyrhills Christian, 2019, RB are speedsters that blaze. Almost looks as if the film is in fast forward. Bussey has a great first step. Hanner is very elusive.

Dywonski McWilliams, Lakeland, 2019, DTQB (PRJ SLOT)…was at George Jenkins…is one heck of an athlete. Can spin it, but is likely going to be recruited as an athlete and play in the slot or secondary. Quicker than fast, can take punishment and at times can be a game breaker.

Dens Saintimond, Auburndale, 2019, SAF is banger. Super physical. Tony Smith Jr., Largo, 2019, CB and Tre Everett, East Bay, 2019, SAF have a great set of feet and anticipation. All make plays on the defensive side of the ball.

Which is your favorite?