Rising Senior Quarterback Tyler Riddell Will Knock Your Recruiting Socks Off

“I love that young man… he’s a coach on the field out there- he’s our version of Michael Jordan.” ~ Head Coach Jason Lane, Chamberlain Chiefs.

Tampa, August 21, 2018 – Chamberlain quarterback and Akron College Commit Tyler Riddell is a tenacious, highly acclaimed pure-bred athlete who can play both sides on command at cornerback but continues to thrive coming into his loyal fourth-year under center in the Green and Gold.

“Tyler is one of the best QB’s in FL right now, he’s now coming up on being a 4-year starter for us- been thrown in the fire since Day 1. He has complete access and rights in our playbook, he definitely helps with protection, adjust to coverages and for hot routes- he just has a great understanding of an offense than any QB I’ve coached, tremendous leader, he can just look at a receiver and be on the same page; great chemistry,” Head Coach Jason Lane states whole-heartedly.

If its production and heart you want, its production and heart you’re going to get out of upcoming senior leading light Tyler Riddell. In his Junior 2017 showcase, Riddell exceeded expectations with an impressive stat-line posting 2,464 passing yards on 170 completions of 278 attempts, putting up 205.3 YPG, tallied 30 scores, rushed for 168 yards on 34 carries with a long-run of 62 and ran in 3 TD’s of his own, ending with a total QBR of 119.9; Tyler threw for over 1,100 yards in his sophomore campaign and 11 TD’s along with that.

Taking a glimpse at Maxprep’s film, it’s easily observed that assisted by his 6’1” 173-pound frame, his tremendous field vision allows for constant persistence in his accuracy, hitting his receivers right in the numbers on any desired route, doing what’s asked of him at all costs. He leads his pass catchers very efficiently aided by the great poise he possesses within the pocket, having no trouble putting those deep shots on the money.

Chamberlain QB Tyler Riddell throwing routes with receivers during practice.

Riddell effortlessly whips the rock in tight windows, also fully capable of scrambling out of the pocket on the run, which by the way Coach Lane also says we will see a considerable amount more this season; displays seamless rollouts acknowledging the dump ball to his back or making defenders miss leaving them in the dust, never afraid to show off his physicality and agility. 

Defensively, Tyler can line up in the secondary at cornerback when called upon, but hasn’t seen much of that action since his pee-wee days when he made the switch to Quarterback. His best in-game performance in 2017 took place against Strawberry Crest in a 41-0 blow-out win where he threw for 307 yards, going 17 for 23, averaged 18.1 yards, along-ball of 66, finishing with a nearly perfect QBR of 155.3!   

“If your program isn’t player driven, you’re doing it wrong. When I as a man become your guidance counselor and not your warden we’re going win football games. These kids will sit down and watch players and evaluate diagrams of plays, policing themselves- you know it’s a constant climb when these guys take charge on their improvements.

Chamberlain QB Tyler Riddell taking snaps during practice.

They won’t be shocked by anything physical and mental at the next level, they let me push them- no change is done in comfort. Tyler will come off the field and tell me his mistakes before I can say anything and that speaks to our preparation. Tyler’s family is very supportive; done a very good job at grooming a high school and collegiate athlete, without force. I don’t know how many Quarterbacks demonstrate that level of commitment,” Coach Lane goes on to state passionately.

In the grand scheme of things, prized QB star Tyler Riddell and the Chiefs are well equipped to put on another exciting show this season with superior preparation and discipline, courtesy of top-notch mentoring and are certainly in position to wreak havoc in their respected 6A division in the glistening Friday night lights. 

This Friday in preseason, Tyler and the Chiefs will face Gaither at their home field after posting a 27-10 win over Sickles last week. But this is a big game, big rivalry, and the two competitors are playing for the Carrollwood Classic Trophy and Coach Lane tells BCP they are looking forward to the challenge; going to hang their hat on their physical play and preparation.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor