Rewind: Alonso’s Statement Win

Greg Windham, King QB
Greg Windham, King QB

Alonso improves to 3-0 as they defeat King
Hanna Yi

In what was probably one of the most physical, intense, penalty-filled games of the season so far, the Alonso Ravens and their small roster of 35 players came across town to King’s Bill Stewart Stadium and stunned the home crowd as they took the lead at the end of the third quarter. During the game, between the two teams, there were about 210 yards of penalties. The first set of penalties coming just after the kick-off to start the game and before the first snap of the football.

If your team plays Alonso this year, learn to stop the run! If you cannot stop the run, you won’t win against the Ravens. Brandon Holloway and Ish Witter made themselves known to King as they both had 100-yards plus on the night. If your team plays King this year, learn to stop QB Greg Windham! Whether he’s throwing to his many options of receivers or he’s running, he’ll get as many yards as you let him. You want to make sure you put him under pressure. Otherwise, you’re going to be in real trouble.

Both Alonso and King score on their first drives of the game, with Alonso missing the extra point and putting King ahead 7-6. King’s defense stops Alonso and forces the first three-and-out of the game. Windham and his many weapons, Kimbo Jackson, Chris Murray, Darian Wright, and Taylor Gonzales, with the help of Le’Vadre Thomas’ run, march the ball up the field and for another score. On a fake PAT, Chris Murray connects for the 2-pt conversion, but a penalty makes it no good, forcing King to go for the PAT. King is up 14-6 at the end of the first quarter.

King defense cannot seem to stop Witter and Holloway as they run the ball down the field (with the help of 15-yards from King for a personal foul penalty), Holloway ends the drive with a 6-yard touchdown run, but the 2-point conversion attempt is no good. With two a point difference, Alonso’s defense steps up and forces King to their first three-and-out, with Windham being hurried on third down and almost intercepted. Alonso’s drive begins with a 15-yard face mask penalty against King. However, after a few runs by Holloway and Witter, Alonso fumbles and King’s Austin Cox recovers. King’s offense however, cannot seem to make anything of this momentum shift, as penalties, a fumble (recovered by King), and a sack force a punt. However, King gets a break when an Alonso player fumbles the ball and King picks it up midfield. King drives it down the field with several plays being called back due to penalties, including a 27-yard touchdown connection from Windham to Gonzales. However, with 0:13 left in the first half, Windham scores on a 1-yard keeper to put King up 21-12 at the end of the half.

King starts off the second half with just two plays to score. On the second play of the half, Windham connects with Murray for a 67-yard touchdown connection. The 2-point conversion is no good, King is ahead 27-12 with 11:39 in the third quarter. Alonso responds as QB Brandon Hawkins throws to Holloway for a 42-yard touchdown, 2-point conversion attempt is no good. King is still ahead 27-18. King again has plays called back with penalties and is forced to punt. After a couple runs by Witter, Hawkins finds a completely open Marcus Mosley for the touchdown. The PAT is good, Alonso only trailing by two, 27-25 with 8:04 left in the third. King goes three and out after Windham is sacked for a loss of seven yards, but gets another break as an Alonso player touches the ball on the punt and King recovers it. King’s crowd is very quiet compared to Alonso’s as Windham and his offense cannot make anything happen. After a few runs by Holloway and Witter, Alonso attempts to go for it on fourth and one, but is given the first down after yet another King penalty, this time for off-sides. Ending the third quarter, this penalty makes the difference as Alonso takes their first lead of the game heading into the fourth quarter with a Hawkins to Castillo touchdown pass, 2-point conversion attempt no good. Alonso is up 31-27.

Fourth quarter begins and King’s offense cannot come up with anything. Alonso’s Holloway and Witter have made themselves known to this Lions defense, and cannot be stopped tonight. Alonso marches down to King’s 16-yard and is forced to make a decision. Attempt a field goal or go for it on fourth down? Field goal attempt is no good and King takes over on downs with 8:13 left in the game. Windham with some great passes to Murray (37-yards), Gonzales (22-yards, but called back due to another penalty), and Wright (12-yards) and a 20-yard run by Green, and King is knocking on the door of another score. Windham keeps the ball for a 10-yard touchdown run and the PAT is good, as the Lions take back the lead 34-31 with 4:00 left. Alonso doesn’t take anytime as they take the ball down field and score on a Hawkins to Holloway 12-yard pass, putting the Ravens up again 38-34, with only 2:17 left in the game. In what is one of the best games so far, Windham attempts to lead his team down the field. Murray for a 7-yard catch, followed by a Windham sack for a loss of 5-yards. Then, Windham shows how dangerous his air game really is, following two great passes to Gonzales, for 15-yards and 10-yards respectively. Windham fumbles for a loss of 8, putting the Lions at third and eighteen. Windham has an 18-yard run that is waved off, and on fourth and nine, the Lions have no choice but to go for it with 0:37 left on the game clock. Windham completes to Gonzales for the first down and the Lions continue to march down the field. Windham throws to Wright for 25-yards, putting the Lions on the 10-yard line with 0:04 left in the game, enough for one last play. Windham keeps the ball and gets tackled at the 3-yard line to end the game. The Alonso Ravens winning this intense match up 38-34. The King Lions taking the loss to heart as Windham is lying in the spot where he was tackled and is highly upset.

With all of the penalties and injuries (all injured players were able to walk off the field on their own) in this game, anyone watching this game could see that both teams came out wanting the win and both teams played as physical as they could. One of the most intense, keep-you-on-your-toes games I have seen in awhile. I’m excited for next week!