Resource – Prospect Sheet Template

High school coaches. Even though the template provided is structured and designed for football coaches, it can be edited and adjusted for high school coaches of any sport.

The high school prospects workbook automatically populates information to separate tabs according to the graduating class.

It can be used at any time, emailed out to college coaches and high school coaches can provide college coaches access to their online prospect sheet via email.

High school coaches are the backbone of our business model. We rely on them for information on the upcoming prospects annually. We noticed that each team organized its sheet differently. Some, in our opinion better than others. Some with not enough info. Some with too much. If we feel that prospect sheets are “all over the place” what do college coaches think?

Now, high school coaches in Florida get paid pennies for their efforts. Having a high school staff that promotes their athletes to college coaches is a luxury. It’s not part of their job description. Whatever info they can get to college coaches is useful. But, what if we can provide a uniform sheet that asks for just the right amount of info? We asked college coaches what they want to see and that is what we placed on the template.

We know many coaches will not use the template. However, we wanted to provide the option.

HOW (Steps)

  1. You MUST have a Google Account and be logged in
  2. At the top left, click “File” and then “Make Copy”
  3. Rename your copy of the prospect sheet
  4. ONLY type in the tab titled “Prospects.” The information will populate on the remaining tabs according to the graduating class automatically.
  5. On the “Prospects” tab, the first column is titled “Projection.” Use FBS, FCS, IVY, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO. The cell will color code according to the projection. If you are familiar with Google Sheets, you can customize this column and anything else on this sheet.

Click HERE to access template