Recruiting Update: Tate Whatley, Lakeland Christian

Our number one QB prospect on our Fire Rankings for the Class of 2018 has been receiving a lot of attention from colleges as of late. Tate Whatley has fit in great with Lakeland Christian in his first year with the program, going 6-1 as the starter, with the only loss coming to Berkeley Prep. BCP caught up with Whatley and talked with him about just what is taking place in his recruiting world.

Lakeland Christian QB has been getting a ton of attention from USF.
Lakeland Christian QB has been getting a ton of attention from USF.

BCP: First off, what are you really looking for in a school (aside from football)? What is the most important thing you’re looking for?

T.W.: Really anywhere I can get an education and a job after college and be successful. Education of course is the most important. Engineering is what I want to go into, if not that, physical therapy, I like to have those kinds of on-campus activities and being able to connect in a lot of ways with different people.

BCP: Who’s giving you the most attention right now?

T.W.: USF has been giving the most, North Carolina, FAU have been showing interest, Vanderbilt asked for my transcripts today, Louisville sent stuff, so did Cincinnati, Ohio has sent mail. I went to an FAU game against Ball State and I’ve gone to two USF games, against ECU and Towson.

BCP: What field of study are you looking to go into off the field? Do the schools you like offer those programs?

T.W.: I’m really interested in mechanical engineering, but I’m still open for a lot of majors, again, physical therapy really interests me, and most of those schools have those classes, and really good programs for that.

BCP: What do you like about some of the schools you’ve mentioned?

T.W.: My top three right now is USF, FAU, and Vanderbilt, since they told me that I’m on their radar. USF is really starting to build tradition even without their own stadium, and all of them have good coaches. FAU’s campus is beautiful, right on the beach. USF has that homebound influence. And with Vandy, they’re education and location is really good for me.

BCP: Right now, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

T.W.: I really love my team, they really motivate me, they’ve helped me out a lot since I’ve gotten to Lakeland Christian. My accuracy and decision making have been my biggest strengths so far. I still need to work on detecting coverages faster, especially for when we play Tampa Catholic. They switch their coverages a lot, and with our fast offense, I have to keep up with things.

BCP: Last time we talked with you [after Xecutives], you talked a good bit about your faith. Is that weighing a toll in your decision? Are you possibly looking for a Christian school?

T.W.: I know God has a plan, and it’ll be right in the end, no matter where I go, so I’m open to anywhere at this point.

BCP: Do you know when we’ll see a possible commitment date?

T.W.: I honestly don’t have an answer to that question, it’s really God’s timing, not mine, so when I feel right, and feel that God wants me there, I’ll commit to my school.