Recruiting Mailbag 5/13/12-5/18/12

Michael:    I am a rising Senior and I play offensive and defensive line.  Although I have been contacted by recruiters and receiving tons of letters from different colleges, I have yet to receive a verbal offer.  I have spoken with Coaches who visited my school during spring practice and they all say “They Like Me” but none have provided a verbal offer.  I am working hard on the football field and in the class room.  I have maintained a 3.2 GPA and I scored 1580 on my SAT (I plan on taking the SAT again).  I have attended BCP, IMG and NIKE camps.  I plan on going to a couple college camps in the summer.  Is there anything else I should do to get a college to offer a scholarship?

A: It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, you just haven’t found that ‘fit’ yet. Keep doing what you’re doing – playing and working hard; keeping your grades up; keep being respectable off the field – and something should come.

In most cases, a college recruiting team has to “Love you”, not “Like you” before they [College Football Program] gives a verbal offer. Good news is, you are receiving mail and you have been contacted. Height and weight are also a big factor while comparing you to other prospects they are recruiting at the same position. Even though colleges throwout a number of verbal offers, they still only throwout verbal offers initially to players who are high on their recruiting board. Keep working and attend the right exposure events.

David:   what is the best way to get on a college’s radar?

A: Make sure you have your film cut and accessible by college coaches and recruiters. Attend combines and camps to get evaluated in small settings. Play hard, every time you’re on the field!

Skywalker:    What can we do as  parents to have my child notice by college scouts.

A: First, your child has to be a legit prospect, meaning he has to be talented and athletic enough for his projected position. Next, be selective in the exposure events you attend. Be proactive in the exposure process. Send film to schools that you feel your son can realistically play at. That’s where we come in!

Jj:    Is nd involved with Travis Johnson?

A: Not at this point. We believe that ND has slipped on Johnson’s list and won’t make it onto his top 5 list of schools he will choose from.