Recruiting Fair Tips for Coaches and Players

The National Football Foundation Tampa Chapter will host the annual lower division college football recruiting fair next weekend. This is an opportunity for graduating seniors to catch the eye of lower division college coaches with their academic performance, film evaluation and character.

The colleges attending will not be providing full athletic scholarships but will have the ability to put together financial packages which will decrease the amount of out of pocket money for the athlete to attend college and play college football. Please ask your coach how it all works!

Important Bullet Points

  • Event is for High school senior football players
  • High School Football Coach must register his program to participate (promote players) prior to event. Athletes will not be permitted to just “show up”
  • Day 1 – High School and College Coaches only
  • Day 2 – High school seniors and parents invited (by demand)


Suggested High School Coaches have:

  • Multiple hard copies of grade summary reports for each athlete to provide to college coaches.
  • Printer and paper to produce more grade summary reports and any other additional items.
  • Computers and display screens for Highlights. Multiple screens encouraged as one table could be hosting multiple college coaches wanting to see different athletes.
  • Multiple coaches from high school coaching staff. The more help the better. Do not want to have college coaches waiting to discuss athletes. They will go to the next table and might not return.
  • Polished highlights of athletes. If able to provide hard copies, that would be a plus.
  • Notepad to record which colleges want to see which athletes. Will come in handy on day 2 to direct athletes to the proper college tables
  • Contact information sheets to provide to college coaches. Use that copy machine mentioned above.
  • Highlighters – will be useful when promoting certain items on paper for specific kids.

Suggested Athletes have:

  • Parent attend with them day 2. So much information will be provided, your head may spin.
  • Notepad and multiple pens to take notes.
  • Digital USA map to get a visual of where schools are located.
  • Business casual attire. Refrain from jeans and athletic shoes.
  • Carrying case for informational items that will be provided. Depending on the popularity of a prospect, he may have a handful of paperwork from 20-30 schools each. Don’t want to be carrying around all that stuff in two hands all afternoon.



WHAT: A bunch of D3, NAIA, a few D2 and a few Junior College coaches will be in attendance looking to recruit remaining football players.


  • Hillsborough County (including Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee): 2/11-12
  • Polk (surrounding counties): 2/20-21


  • Hillsborough County (including Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee): Jefferson High
  • Polk (surrounding counties): Lake Wales High

Please ask your head coach for further details.