Hillsborough High school, sitting in the heart of Seminole Heights is known for being home to skilled athletes in several different sports. Multi-sport athletes is the norm.

Not foreign to playing different sports is Hillsborough WR Terence Doston. A talented baseball player, skills around the diamond…Doston will be evaluated as a baseball prospect also.

We are evaluating him as a slot receiver at the collegiate level. We like what we see:

  • Ability to get deep – Excellent speed off the line of scrimmage. Attacks the defender and can create separation down the field.
  • Ball concentration – Makes difficult catches. We have observed in a few different games, Doston make a few catches in heavy traffic.
  • Smooth strider – Clean running form. Natural…glides when a full speed.
  • Good RAC – Wants to make the big play. Run After Catch is great. Always attempting to get to the end zone.
  • Burst – Excellent in short spaces. Can put his foot in the ground and exploding to accelerate in speed.

We believe Doston can improve and grow into a precise route runner. Beating press man coverage consistently is key for any receiver. He’ll continue to work this aspect of of his craft to add to his highlights. Ultimately, if he can be “That double-move” receiver, his stock will sky-rocket. Doston is an exciting prospect to track.