Ra’Don Dwight plays bigger than his size, call it D1 big?

If you like running backs, those guys who show natural talent for the position. The ones who no matter the size, get it done! You will love this Polk County RB. Ra’Don Dwight is just a junior, but shows such natural skill for his position.

The first few clips, you will see Dwight do this “jump cut” which it seems he has mastered. Once out of his cut, he explodes to the next level. Excellent vision and anticipation make him a hard target to hit. Is he undersized, smaller than division 1 schools would like their RBs to be? Yes, however, there are exceptions to the rule. Former Plant City RB, Dazmond Patterson was just 5-7 and now playing with OHIO. NFL All Pro RB, Maurice Jones Drew is listed at 5-7 and attended UCLA. In this case, because of his position, skill set and talent, I really think Dwight will be a division 1 RB.