Quick, Strong Suggestions For Underclassmen


This is sensitive, but a very necessary topic that could end up being the difference in your future. When you get home tonight, do thorough research on the players that sign with your “dream school” at your specific position. Come to a full and honest understanding of what the coaches were looking for in their signees.

You will quickly notice certain patterns. Example: Size is something you have no control over, but if a skilled player is undersized, they most likely run track and have some excellent times. Speed can make up for the lack of size at the skilled positions.

Carefully reassess yourself and your goals. Then, plan your spring visits and summer college camps realistically. It is better, to be honest with yourself early in the process than to get humbled and disappointed late in the process. Taking these steps will save you significant time and money. Those are two things that you won’t get back.

Instead, put those invaluable resources into visiting and camping with college programs that are realistic options. Don’t be a fundraiser for a program that has no intention of recruiting you. This will benefit you, your family, your high school coaches, and college coaches.

As always, your number one responsibility is to take care of your academics. If you have your academics in order, you will have options. Be a great student. Take the offseason head-on.