QBs on Display at Skyway

John Kaleo and Chip Bennett organized another excellent QB training session today. Surrounded by plenty of local media attention and watchful parents, the QBs threw lots of balls and received some excellent constructive coaching. BCP has been present at a number of these sessions and all have been well organized, kids have improved and the instructors always seem to enjoy their work. 11 QBs worked out today with about 20 receivers. Here is a breakdown of what I observed.

Chase Litton, Wharton, 2014

Chase Litton, Wharton, 2014, QB
Chase Litton, Wharton, 2014, QB

Chase will be the next big thing to come out of our area. Today he was sharp. He displayed a very strong arm and accurate arm while throwing on the run. He is still young and will need a coach on his tail at all times to max out his potential, but is ceiling is so high that he can be super.

Louie Pappas, Tarpon Springs, 2012
Pappas is still “Mr. Productive”. He was very crisp during footwork drills and made every pass. He still is best while throwing on the run. He has very good footwork and his mechanics are polished.

Billy Pavlock, Palm Harbor, 2012
Some college is going to get a steal with this kid. He has some sweet feet. His 3 step game is so smooth and when he gets out the pocket, he does it in a hurry. Don’t let his stature fool you, he can sling it. He rarely missed today.

Kenyatta Young, Middleton, 2013
The lefty needs work, but by saying that…with the work, he can be darn good. Young is very coachable and takes criticism well. Today he showed good reaction speed and a tight spiral.

Deuce Gruden, Carrollwood Day, 2012
D.G. showed good feet and arm strength today. He was excellent in his 3 step drop and improved every throw during intermediate routes.

Jacob Guy, Pasco, 2012
Jacob can be a big time college QB. He showed mobility and accuracy today. I really thought he worked at improving his mechanics each rep.

Chivarski Corbett, Tampa Catholic, 2014
Another young kid who has the potential to be scary as a senior. Corbett was not excellent at anything today, but good at a lot of things. He messed up and quickly corrected his mistakes. He threw a bad ball and the next ball was money. He was slow out the pocket and the next rep he was a bullet. Point is, Corbett wanted to get better today and that was a great sign for a young QB.

Shug Oyegunle, Gaither, 2013

Shug Oyegunle, Gaither, ATH, 2013
Shug Oyegunle, Gaither, ATH, 2013

Shug showed a very tight spiral today. He did exceptionally well with his perimeter deep routes and sideline ball.

Pete Dinovo, East Lake, 2013
Personally, he is still the future for the 2013 class. Petey has consistently gotten better with his technique each Kaleo session. He showed that he is better on the run, throwing very accurate balls and his placement was excellent. His deep ball is good, but great is where it needs to be. Only a junior and will get better and stronger!

Brandon Hawkins, Alonso, 2014
The Hawk will be the surprise of the year if Alonso has some linemen to protect him. Brandon showed good arm strength today. He was surprisingly zipping the ball. He also processes well and made good decisions.

Tommy Eveld, Jesuit, 2012

Tommy Eveld, Jesuit, QB, 2012
Tommy Eveld, Jesuit, QB, 2012

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! All I am waiting for is Tommy to get his bell rung game #1 of the season. Why do I say that? Because I want to see how he reacts. I want to see him take a hit, shake it off and chew up the defense again. Tommy is the total package. Arm strength, mechanics, placement, footwork…he has shown it over and over again. Now I want to see him do it over and over again in pads.