As we slowly make our way to the season, we’ll start to share some new names we have discovered over the last six months. Today we’ll drop players who wear a few different hats: The Tight End.

Derric Turner, Lakewood 2021 TE 6-2/185-195: If you know anything about Lakewood High School, you know they keep speed and produce high-level prospects annually. Derric Turner is both. Great speed. Excellent blocker on the edge and in space. A versatile receiver who can run the full route tree. Check out his film and watch him move after the catch. Turner hits the next gear like a receiver. He ended the 2019 season, third on the team in TD catches (4) and first on the team in average yards per catch (23.6)

Michael Fraraccio, Riverview-Sarasota 2021 TE 6-3/220-230: Shows courage inside. Can combo, drive, and reach. Trusty hands. He is super intriguing. We happen to love his size and ability to make big plays in big moments. He’s going t get bigger and stronger and when he does, he is going to be just that much more dangerous. He embraces the blocking responsibility and when his number is called to make a play via catching the football, he’s money!

Luke Petitta, Riverview-Sarasota 2023 TE 6-3/190-200: He’s a young one. So the jury is still out on him. This is more “Wait and see.” In short, he has solid hands, with a nice frame to grow into TE role. We expect this kid to be a problem.

Carson Goda, Braden River 2021 WR (PRJ TE) 6-3/195-205: Stat line in 2019 – 11 games, 38 catches, 537 receiving yards, 14.1 yards per catch, and 5 TD catches. Second on the team in catches and third on the team in yards and TDs. Goda will catch in a crowd. We like him as a stretch TE with a large catch radius. If given the opportunity, he could be a 1,000-yard receiver in 2020.