Position Tour: Athlete

As we slowly make our way to the season, we’ll start to share some new names we have discovered over the last six months. Today we’ll drop players who can do some of everything: The “ATH”…Athlete.

Deonte Anderson, Fort Meade 2021 ATH 6-3/210-220: Athletic tweener that displays playmaking ability on both sides of the ball. Lines up at the defensive end for the Miners and his quickness is usually unmatched by opposing offensive linemen. He’s swift and with a great get off on snap of the football. He shows really good use of hands. Runs like a dear and accelerates like a motorcycle.

Erriyon Knighton, Hillsborough 2023 ATH 6-0: It’s not out the ordinary for the Terriers to have big-time prospects. They consistently produce some good ones. Next in line will be Knighton. Speed on top of speed with an extra layer of speed for good measure. We like his hands and suddenness after the ball is in his hands. Last season he amassed 547 all-purpose yards. That was good enough for third on the team.

Erriyon Knighton, Hillsborough

Gregory Cotton, Braden River 2021 ATH (PRJ DB) 6-0/160-170: 523 all-purpose yards, 409 kickoff return yards, and 3 interceptions in 2019. A playmaker in every sense of the word. When a play needed to be made, seems like he came up with one on either of the three sides of the ball. He’s long, rangy, and skillful. His film drips of so much instinct.

Cleve Benson, Palmetto 2022 ATH 5-6/170-180: The Tigers get another stripe. Another athlete to threaten the defense. One who could play several different positions and Palmetto knows what to do with undersized athletes. They have made a career of it. This guy, super sweet feet. He has some QB experience so his leadership attributes will be a plus. Swift and agile with great vision.

Jkobe Jones, Seffner Christian 2022 ATH 6-0/160-170: He’s the future of Crusaders football. As other major prospects deservingly received most of the recruiting attention, make no mistake, it’s coming for Jones. He can play several positions because of his electric athleticism. Plays at a high level in all 3 phases of the game. We are not sure he is finished growing vertically. Standing 6 feet now, Jones could reach the 6-2 mark before it’s all said and done. That could change his recruitment drastically.

Jkobe Jones, Seffner Christian

Jordy Lowery, Bartow 2022 ATH 6-0 165-175: Good plant and drive. Tracks the ball well. Competitive speed. All that in a player who never comes off the field. Big play kid with a competitive spirit. He’s exciting to watch return kicks also.