Part 1: New playoff teams ways to win

8 Tampa Bay Area teams will advance to FHSAA playoffs in 2012, that were not playoff teams in 2011.  We take a look at a few of those teams and examine what they have to do to buy themselves a ticket to round two. РNew playoff teams BOLBED

Newsome can not allow Gaither QB, Alex McGough to warm up. Continue to bring zone blitzes with some man coverage mixed in. Force Gaither to run the football. Cowboys leading rusher is averaging under 28 yards per game. Cowboys have had 3 games under 70 yards rushing and 1 game just over 100 yards; 1 rushing TD between those 4 games which Gaither lost or won by a close score.

There is not a tougher task. But, the pads are going on and a game will be played. Northeast must attempt to force Manatee to throw the ball. With saying that, Manatee is as balanced as they come, but throwing and catching is a lower percentage play than handing the ball off. Northeast needs to get the ball to the playmakers fast. Don’t attempt to call long developing offensive plays vs. the Manatee defensive line. Cut Ryan Davis loose and let him run.

Osceola Seminoles

Osceola has to attack the young QB and force sophomore Terrier, Dwayne Lawson to beat them through the air. As good as Lawson has been this year, he also has 11 INTs. Osceola must attempt the big play often. Do not get predictable and behind in downs. Hillsborough is too good on defense and will “T off” if the Seminoles become predictable. In Hillsborough’s single loss, Sickles rushed the ball 37 times for 189 yards. Seminoles can not abandon the run.

Eastside, early in the 2012 season did not run the ball very well. 92 carries, averaging just 109 yards per contest (4 games). However, they threw the heck out of the ball with success. Anclote will need to play sound defense. Mix up the coverages, send pressure and don’t get beat by the big play. In Anclote’s last 5 games (wins) the Sharks rushed for 1273 yards vs. their first 4 games (losses) where they rushed for just 568 yards. Sharks need to continue to do what they do best!.