Oviedo earns the hardware, Brown steals the show

Plant marched into the championship game after a dog fight with crosstown rival Armwood. The Panthers muscled their way past the Hawks showing mutual respect for each other after the game. Before the game started, it appeared Plant would roll with momentum to another UCF 7 on 7 Championship. However, Oviedo had other plans.

Plant faced the Orlando version of themselves. Oviedo hit fast and often. They used precision route running, great spacing, good play calling and excellent tempo to outlast the Panthers 20-7. The very first play of the game, Oviedo quarterback hit a streaking receiver down the right seam placing them on the 2 yard line. They would score 2 plays later.

Plant would move the ball, but stall out instead of getting the ball over the goal line. Several times, the Panther offense chewed up ground and methodically pressed the Oviedo defense. But the Orlando team would hold and prevent Plant from striking.

Overall, Oviedo made the least mistakes, capitalized on Plant mistakes, played tougher defense and willed themselves to a win and a championship after a long day of football.

Colby Brown, Plant 2014 QB

If I had to name a Most Impressive Performer, It would easily be Plant QB Colby Brown. He threw big bombs, squeezed in some tight balls and made the most of every play. Brown was very efficient and in control of every game. Threw with confidence and maneuvered like a proven veteran. Rarely did he miss on a ball or put it where the receivers could not get to it.

Fletcher Barnes, Clarke Miller, Cam Winter and Alex Jackson were great today for Plant. Barnes and Miller are just solid, sure handed, “I can count on those guys” receivers. Nothing fancy, just get the job done move the chains. Winter has a little something to him. Smooth player with confidence on his shoulders. Jackson is the splash player. Without Jordan Reed down with a minor injury, Jackson made lots of impressive plays.

Quarterback plays was up and down today. They have the skill to be really good, but the young quarterbacks will need this summer to gain confidence and experience. Robert Priester made plenty of plays. Rarely did receivers catch the ball in front of him. Played hungry and passionate.

Brandon Robinson is a hidden gem. He can flat out play. Fast, gritty and hungry to be good. The young QB, Chris Oladokun is “gonna” be good. The young man is around 6-1 now and growing by the minute. Played well today. Made some freshman mistakes. That’s to be expected. But made even more good plays.

Again, Freedom has enough to be good. Talented on defense with a few players with confidence who can play. DJ Grant will be better when pads go on and he can make plays with his legs. But he was solid today.

Lake Gibson
QB Trey Congdon was very efficient. Made the right throw at the right time for the majority of the day. DB Kendall Gant played like a big time prospect. Played both sides of the ball and had a number of big splash plays. Rising junior CB Jordan Glover was a pleasant surprise. Cocky, CB with some potential.

Lots of curiosity about the Hawks this year. How do they replace the graduating playmakers? Start with Talvin Bailey, the last (I think) of the Bailey “Bruthas.” Talvin made splash play after splash play and would have made his family tree proud. 2016 receiver, Trevor Laurent was great. Sure handed and dependable.

I think they have something brewing at Jesuit, but will take a few more outings for it to really flourish. Slightly low on numbers, the Tigers got worn down by tournament time. But, you can see there is something there which will come to the surface in due time.

Strawberry Crest
Fun to watch. QB Tristan Hyde was good. WR Josh Hyde was better and ATH Austin Carswell was the best. Carswell may have played ever snap and made a ton of key plays. Caught short passes, deep passes, defended receivers, intercepted passes and was very much a standout performer.