Offensive line opens up 47-3 win for East Lake

East Lake ATH, Artavis Scott (#7) chases down the QB after lining up at defensive end.

#3 ranked East Lake traveled to Countryside last night for a key district matchup vs. area rival, Countryside. The game had all the pregame activity to be a good battle. However, the end result would not be such. East Lake took control from the first whistle and never took their foot off the gas. Eventually winning the game 47-3. Countryside never really got anything going offensively and the defense was worn down by the overpowering Eagle size and attitude.


East Lake Offensive Line
No real fancy way of saying it, so let’s keep it simple…they were just good. Not often do the big fellas get a bunch of credit. They don’t have stats that are readily available, rarely are they outfitted in the pretty adornments and they don’t get to be the ones celebrated for offensive big plays. But in this game, this unit was the best on the field. Drew Stryjewski, Julian Santos, Jared Gleason, Mason Cole, Zach Castle, FB Tristan Zullo and Drew Couto made simple plays such as lead and trap, look like trick plays. RB Weston Fordham was running through holes a mack truck could fit through. Once the hogs knew they could push around the Countryside defensive front seven, you could see the confidence amongst the unit elevate. Both fullbacks were crushing defenders who stepped in the way to take on their lead block and Fordham was not getting touched until he reached the third level. When both tackles pulled, the Red Sea parted for Weston. The selfless blockers really put on a show last night.

East Lake Defense
The Eagle defense entered the game allowing just over 6 points per game. They left the Countryside field, scoring a touchdown and limiting the opponent to 3 points. Yes, they balled! They were well-coached, sound in scheme and disciplined. However, it was not so much WHAT the defense did, but HOW they did it. The team in white (East Lake) was intimidating, high energy and more physical than their opponent. They flew around, smacking the offense, showing oomph and played as if that was their last game of the season. The defensive line got penetration; I thought the linebackers almost eliminated the Countryside quarterbacks a few times and the secondary was out for blood.

RB Weston Fordham
Some running backs are faster. Some running backs are smoother. Some running backs may even have more homecoming invitations from the laaaaaadies. But not many are tougher. Good RBs, whether college super prospects or great high school player, do not let one defender tackle them. Case and point with Eagles RB Weston Fordham. He was just tough between the tackles, ran through arm tackles and punished tacklers who came soft. He rushed for a bush of yards, scored a bunch of times, but showed why he is dependable and accountable more so than anything else.

ATH Artavis Scott
Great players are expected to play great. They may have an “Off Night” once or twice, but on a regular basis, they show up and show out. Case and point with East Lake ATH, Artavis Scott. If you didn’t know ONE THING about the young man prior to the game last night, his performance would have made you leave the game, search the net and find out everything you could about this kid. When the sun went down, Scott rose up. He ran the rock, caught the rock, rushed for a TD, caught a TD…could not be stopped and it was evident who the alpha male on the field was. Stay tuned for his highlights, coming this weekend! You will see what I mean.