Not highly recruited, Highly productive Wildwood DT

Byron Mathews
School: Wildwood
Height: 6 ft – 0 inches
Weight: 290 lbs
Position: DT-Defensive Tackle/Nose man
Class of: 2013
City: Wildwood
State: Florida

The prototype offensive lineman, 6-4 or taller and 260 and bigger. Those numbers are not exact, but pretty close to the sizes that attract college recruiters to a specific prospect.

Defensive lineman are a little different. Different factors can effect the recruiting process of defensive linemen. Is the prospect a pass rush defensive end or will he develop into a stand up outside line backer? Is he an odd front or even front defensive lineman? Can he hold his gap or two-gap, and control his area? Those are just a few variables that are taken into consideration. These variable will dictate the size of a defensive lineman that college recruiters look for.

Wildwood 2013 defensive lineman, doubles as an offensive guard. He is undersized for most major BCS programs and under recruited for a number of reasons. At 6-0, 290lbs Mathews has a great frame for NG in an odd front defense or 1-tech in an even from defense. With that size, he can play with a low pad level and take up two gaps. He can battle the double teams and hold his ground to cause a pile up at the line of scrimmage.

Just by watching his hilites below, you will see a few things that standout like a sore thumb. On offense, he is the most aggressive player on the field. Looks for a defensive player to knock out. Plays with a good pad level and moves his feel well at times.

When he lines up at DT, he is a bully. Runs over offensive lineman and imposes his will. Several snaps, he completely takes offensive players off their feet and causes havoc in the backfield.

See Mathews work below