Northeast and Clearwater Central

Few observations from Northeast/Clearwater Central Catholic 7 on 7


Both teams are faster than one would expect.

I must admit, I did not get the names of all the kids that showed out, but all the skill players did well.

CCC has a large LB crew. Good looking bunch.

Northeast’s defensive coordinator did an excellent job coaching his kids. Every single time, he told his players what to do and why they were doing it.

CCC head coach, John Davis is funny. You have to have a 1 on 1 conversation with him. He reminds me of Billy Turner. Very sociable.

Ethan Thompson is a fast sucka. He stands about 5-10ish and is in the 180-200lbs range. CCC worked him primarily at receiver today. But he will make for a great weak side LB or OLB.

Justin Goodloe is a good looking athlete

Northeast has some shifty slot players that can go and make plays.


Northeast, 2015, QB, Ryan Davis
Northeast, 2015, QB, Ryan Davis

There were a couple tall, rangy kids that caught some balls for CCC that had a good day.

The surprise of the day was the rising freshman QB for Northeast, Ryan Davis. Light weight, stands about 5-9 or 5-10, but can throw the ball. This kid will be special. I’ll say it again, this kid will be special. He needs plenty of coaching, but boy he can sling it for a young kid. His mechanics are nonexistent at this point, but he did a great job reading the defenses, putting balls on the money and looking off receivers. I have never seen a youngster do that. I am excited to see this kid play. Note: This is 7 on 7 with no varsity defensive line rushing at the young pup, but the talents alone excites me. The best part about him was that he took coaching very well. His position coach was on his tail at times and the young kid never once showed an attitude. He was “yes sir/no sir” and made the correction. It was refreshing to see.