New Tiiiiigers!

Middleton High School Football New Logo

New Head Varsity Football Coach, Alonso Ashwood, wanted to start fresh, start new tradition and get the community involved and excited.  First order of business was to create the face of football for the school.  The new logo will be on all the Middleton Football gear and the helmets.  Ashwood is also in the process of trying to change the color of the Middleton face mask from yellow to maroon. 

The Middleton administration and Varsity Football staff have organized an open forum for the community and alumnus to come out meet the new staff, express concerns and listen to the new direction of the football team.  Ashwood hopes this will bring more support to school and its functions!  The open forum will be held Feb. 26th at 12:30p in the Middleton High School auditorium.