New look at the Tigers Den

Vincent Testaverde_Jesuit QB
Vincent Testaverde_Jesuit QB

After the resignation of James Harrell and the installation of Matt Thompson, there is a sense of excitement around the Jesuit football program. Some could be due to the winning pedigree of Matt Thompson (previously at Armwood). Part could be new voices and the honeymoon period players are going through with the new staff. Most of it is likely because of the new offense, defense and special teams.

Without going into details and giving away Jesuit’s offensive scheme to their season opponents, forget about what you knew about Jesuit’s O. Gone are the days of the power running game with the offensive line plowing over the defense and the running backs earning 5 yards a carry. Not that they won’t jump into power sets and run the ball if need be. But, it seems the Tigers want to spread the field on offense and spread the defense. They have the QB to throw it and capable WRs to execute the routes.

Vincent Testaverde (rising senior) returns as the starting QB with more backups than offensive linemen. I observed around 4-5 players competing for the quarterback position. Most schools have “Wanted” posters hanging in the school for a backup quarterback. Jesuit has a handful. Testaverde is no longer a virgin to varsity football. He had some swag to him yesterday. Commanded the offense and carried himself with some confidence. He has sprouted to 6-2 and picked up some weight (170 lbs). He threw the ball well. Had some spin and velocity to his throws. Showed good arm strength and very accurate.

If you know anything about Matt Thompson, you know he takes pride in his defense.  It was a walk and talk day for the defensive unit.  Not many observations. Vincent Jackson is learning a new scheme as he returns for his second year at middle line backer.  Jalen Johnson is a good looking defensive lineman. 6-1/230 lbs moved well in defensive line individual session.  Quick hands and good feet.