Nelson POY, Seffner To South Tampa, With Pasco Rank And Gibbs

WHO: Francisco Nelson, Kathleen 2015 DE has the chance to be in the running for BCP Defensive Player of the year in 2015. Outside of Kathleen’s 2014 opponents, doubt many know of this young man. Highly disruptive and plays with a hemi-engine! 

WHAT: Gibbs starts over with another new coach. The Gladiators have not kept a head coach past 2 seasons since 16 year head coach Al Davis step down in 2006. Their top prospect, Craig Watts has transfered to Admiral Farragut. Big Deal? Could be! The season will tell. 

WHEN: September 25th—(Week 5) Armwood and Plant will play in a game that counts this year opposed to the fall classic last season which created lost of conversation and debate. Not this season. The “W” and the “L” will go on the record. The ranking will be determined and bragging right will carry. 

WHERE: Pasco County rankings are up for grabs. Sunlake and Zephyrhills both have big holes to fill on both sides of the ball. Mitchell is more experience, River Ridge comes back with the County’s Player of the Year and Pasco has more talent than years past.


@PascoCountyFB: @BigCountyPreps1 Right now, my top 5 going into spring, but not in order. Zephyrhills, Mitchell, Sunlake, River Ridge and Pasco. 

@DerekJLaRiviere: @BigCountyPreps1 @PascoCountyFB Zephyrhills, River Ridge, Pasco, Mitchell, Sunlake… IMO

@BigCountyPreps1: @PascoCountyFB
Subject to Change:

1 Pasco 2 Sunlake
3 River Ridge
4 Zhills
5 Mitchell

#TheWay2EarlyRanking with Plenty of question marks!