Nekari Jones: “…emphasized my ability to finish and make plays.”

Nekari Jones
Victory Christian 2014 WR

– precise route runner
– strong hands
– good vertical speed
– aggressive when the ball is in the air
– can be a threat in the slot or outside
– currently attract attention from several non BCS schools including: Youngstown State, Stillman and Middle Tennessee

Q & A

Were you concerned about recruiting before you started receiving more attention?
NJ: I’ve been interested in being recruiting since I started high school because it has always been one of my uppermost goals to play college football.

What have college coaches said they like about your game?
NJ: The coaches I’ve spoken with have all in a sense emphasized my ability to finish and make plays, they’ve also noted that I have soft hands and a natural ability to catch the ball and to high-point it [the football].

Right now, what schools have the most attractive playing situation where you may be able to play a lot early according to their current depth chart?
NJ: The way I see it, I control my destiny as far as my spot on a depth chart and playing time. With dedication, commitment and hardwork I see myself potentially placing at the top of anyone’s depth chart.