Memory Lane: Top BCP Videos of all time. Gotta see these!

Well, we have shot a lot of video and are nearing 1,000 YouTube subscribers on the BCP Channel. We took some time to reflect on some of the most memorable Videos on the BCP channel. Some make you laugh, some will make you “Wow” and a few will touch your heart. Regardless, they are all part of BCP athletics. Enjoy the top BCP videos of all time!


1 The Freddie Shuffle

– Outside of the dance, it’s funny as heck that Freddie is jamming while there is a full practice going on behind him. Oh, and his teammates don’t make it any better.

2 Alex Montgomery Huge catch

– Big time players, make big time plays, in big time games. We thought our video would make it to ESPN…Not this time. But the play and player did!

3 Gaither vs TBT: Carlo Perello Catch

– Some may question why this video is so highly ranked. Well, those people should try doing what this kid does. Jumps completely over another player and scores. Oh, don’t forget this is in a playoff game. How many would have the guts to try this with the game on the line?

4 2013 BHSN BCP Ignite Showcase BEST ON BEST OL DL

– Never been to a BCP event? Well, this is kninda how we get down at some point during the showcase. “Scared? Get out the circle!”

5 Johnell Barnes_Dunbar_USF SLING AND SHOOT

– One of the most dominate 7 on 7 performances I have seen. Watch the big time catches this kid makes over and over.

6 2013 Spring BCP BULL in the RING – big man challenge

– Our very first Big Man Challenge and we had no idea it would go through the roof like it did.

7 Aaron Banks, Plant QB, Game winning run vs Robinson

– South Tampa rivalry could not have been any bigger than it was in 2012. Both teams tops in their class. Both teams wanting this win just as much as the other. But just as the QB should, put the team on his back and got it done.

8 Buzzer Beater Hagerty defeats Deerfield Beach

– The crowd was big and the movement was bigger. You want the pressure? Lots of people talk a good game until the situation slaps them in the face. Watch how this kid slaps back!

9 Kicker vs Matt Dayes

– Super funny! No matter what position you play on your team or what your role is…This should NEVER EVER HAPPEN. NEVER!

10 2013 Hillsborough vs Pinellas Hoops All Star Game Dunk Contest

– The contest was good and the winner was deserving. However, one contestant jumped over three kids. But, when you see the dunk, get ready to hit rewind and watch the kid in the middle with the blue shirt. I think he thought he made a mistake volunteering.

11 Jason Stokes pre-game talk vs Tampa Bay Tech

– The pre game speeches that touch the hearts of the players are usually the most effective!

12 Derrick Doss and the Sugar Hill Gang

– I was at the game and didn’t hear the music. But, Doss did. So he did what any right minded human would do prior to the ball being snapped in the red zone…


– Short and sweet…Best Championship performance I have seen since coving high school football.

14 Keep You head on a swivel

– The is an old saying, “Don’t run down the field blind.” Because this is what could happen…

15 Dante Fowler Bathroom Break

– Good comedy here. 5 star defensive end does not know his teammates “Hate” him. How could he when they act one way in his face and another behind his back.

16 Post Game w/ CC Culpepper (Plant @ TBT)

– Just let it play and hear what coach CC had to say about a few Plant players and hinted at a few coaches on the Plant staff.

17 A little Drama in Wharton win

– CBS sports actually used this video during a special about buzzer beaters while March Madness was going on. The best part is how the refs ran a 4.4 forty yards dash out the gym after the call was determined.

18 Matthew Thomas Big Hit at UA Game


19 Derrick Brooks, Bartow 2014 PG “Get that ish out of here!”

– This is such a clean, athletic play that had the people in the arena on their feet.

20 Ely’s Therrell Gosier sends this ball to the popcorn stand

– Just sucks for the kid who had his shot blocked.