Meet The Running Backs

Dazmond Patterson, Plant City, '12 - Ignite Combine RB MVP

Running Backs

Dazmond Patterson, Plant City, ’12 – The BHSN Ignite Running Backs MVP has been tearing up the combine/showcase circuit this year.  Patterson has great vision and anticipation.  He compliments his awareness with a strong physical frame, quick feet and excellent lateral movement.  Standing at 5’7”, he might not impress you getting off the bus. Don’t let that fool you though, he has a rock solid upper body and strong lower body.

LaDarian Stevenson, Riverview, ’12 – A pleasant surprise in the running back training group.  Stevenson may have made a name for himself this past weekend.  He performed well doing 1 on 1s and 3 on 3 drills vs. the defense.  He catches the ball well out the back field or lined up a slot receiver.  Stevenson has pretty good feet, strong legs and he can change direction suddenly.

Shaquille Speight, Jefferson, ’13 – One of the many Jefferson Dragons that attended the combine.  “Shaq”  has a tough build and carries the ball with authority.  He is still just a rising junior but you can see the potential.  Good vision, balance and speed.  He possesses a quick burst from a still position and is able to change direction.

Diomi Roberts, Countryside, ’12 – Small in stature, but talented.  Roberts is very shifty and has a great pair of feet.  He is able to make very sharp cuts without loosing speed.  He had an excellent training session where went through every drill with eyes up, ball secure and balance.

Kameron Faile, Bloomingdale, ’14 – Faile ran one of the best 40 yard dashes, pro shuttle and 3 cone.  Kameron is just a rising sophomore with plenty of room to improve. He did great in 1 on 1s and 3 on 3 drills.  He makes very sharp cuts and is a natural running back.

Players that also are worth recognition:

Robert Davis, Carrollwood Day, ‘13

Jake Carroll, Steinbrenner, ‘14