MacLean: A House United By Division

Clearwater vs East Lake

Aidan and Colin MacLean will take the field together for the final time this Friday. Like most brothers, the two have a lot in common. They both carry over a 4.2 GPA. They both scored over a 30 on the ACT. They both play and excel at multiple-sports. They love to compete, especially on the football field. They are both dynamic offensive skill players. A matter of fact, their similarities begin at a genetic level. Aidan and Colin are identical twins. This can often make it difficult to tell them apart. However, that won’t be an issue this Friday. 

Aidan will be wearing red. Colin will be wearing blue. Their parents, Dave and Tauni, will be wearing both colors and hoping to see both teams score a lot of points. No matter what the scoreboard says as the finals seconds tick down, the MacLean family will come away from another Friday night under the lights victorious. 

East Lake and Clearwater are excellent schools with great football programs. Living in close proximity to the two was a good problem to have. Putting it simply, Aidan and Colin each made the well-thought-out decision to play at the school that fit them best. They both fill a critical role for their respective team, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help their team succeed. Academically, they have worked to position themselves very comfortably for their senior years. Student-athletes who maintain academic profiles like theirs are able to open many doors for themselves. 

Clearwater 2022 QB Aidan MacLean – 6’ 160 lbs

On the road at Lakeland in week 1, Aidan completed 22 out of 34 passing attempts resulting in 287 yards and 2 touchdowns. He throws the ball really well. His ball-placement is excellent on deep and intermediate throws. His speed allows him to evade pressure and create space to make throws outside of the pocket. You can tell that he studies the defense giving him the ability to quickly make reads and adjustments. 


East Lake 2022 WR Colin MacLean – 6’ 165 lbs

In week 1 against Pinellas Park, Colin caught 4 passes for 46 yards. He is on track to exceed his 233 yards and 2 touchdowns from last season. He is a great possession receiver. He runs solid routes and has great hands. He is definitely someone you can rely on to help move the chains on a 3rd down and medium situation. He is selfless and a team player, so you can expect him to do his job to the best of his ability even when the ball isn’t coming his way.