Lots To Like About Charlotte’s Sunshine

Combing through film this morning and decided to head south to Charlotte. Watched a few kids and then clicked on the film below on the name alone. Didn’t even look at the position. Just clicked the name. What we saw was an athlete behind center where we thought the team was running the “wildcat” or some specialized play.

We kept watching and saw John Busha toss a pass and another. Double back, checked his position, height/weight, and continued watching and continued to be impressed.

Listed at 6 foot 3 inches, Busha throws a really nice ball. Especially on the move. His running ability is evident as he opens his film up displaying his athleticism. Several times on his film, he hung in a collapsing pocket and tossed a dime. It seems like he’s a tough kid who is not afraid to take a hit.

We watched the highlights. His game film will put his play into perspective. But, off this hudl film alone, there is more than enough there for college coaches to conduct more research.

Check out his evaluation and others HERE.