Light Buzz D1 Caliber Available Athletes

Growing up, young football players dream of playing at a major university in front of 90,000 fans and on TV in front of a national audience. The reality is only a small percentage of high school senior will continue their football careers at a major Division 1 university. However D1 football extends past the SEC, ACC, BIG 10, etc. Did you know Conference USA teams like Charlotte, North Texas and Rice are division 1 teams? Did you know Akron, Ball State and Bowling Green are division 1 schools in a FBS conference? Did you know Georgia Southern, Georgia State and Texas State are also FBS schools? The point is, D1 football is more than just Florida, ND, USC and Texas. There are a bunch of teams outside of the Power 5 conferences within the 11 conferences in the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision).

In addition, the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) also known as Division I-AA contains 125 FCS programs. Also D1 football! Teams such as Abilene Christian Wildcats, San Diego Toreros, Jacksonville Dolphins and The Mercer Bears are D1 schools. No, they do not have the budget, resources and fan base as an Alabama, Ohio State or Michigan. But the truth is, it is still D1 football with 63 available football scholarships (compared to 85 in the FBS). So, when you hear a high school player say he will be a D1 football player, he might be. It just may not be at Florida State or Mizzou. But FAMU or Austin Peay.

Below are no more than 5 players at each position in the senior class¬†we have evaluated as D1 players according to what we have explained above. Some one will say “what about Jon Jon or Joe Joe?” And we will state once again, “Only 5 players were listed at each position”. At many positions, the quantity of D1 evaluated players extends past the list below.

Da’Juan Johnson, Gibbs, ATH-O, 2016, 5-8/165
Keandre Griner, Ridge Community, ATH-O, 2016, 5-11/175
Jordan Holder, Tenoroc, ATH-O, 2016, 6-3/215
Isaiah Thomas, Largo, ATH-O, 2016, 6-0/155
BJ Sirmons, Lakeland Christian, ATH-O, 2016, 5-8/155-165

Isaiah Rodgers, Blake, CB, 2016, 5-11/160
Brandon Frazier, East Bay, CB, 2016, 6-0/170
Marquez Walls, Gibbs, CB, 2016, 6-1/175
Xavier Walden, Durant, CB, 2016, 5-9/170-180
Donte’ Glover, Blake, CB, 2016, 5-11/185

Defensive line
Devontay Taylor, Mitchell, DE, 2016, 6-3/260-270
Godey Coleus, Wharton, DE, 2016, 6-1/270
Justin Andrews, Kathleen, DT, 2016, 6-0/245
Andre Washington, Steinbrenner, DT, 2016, 6-0/285
Javaris Sanders, Largo, DT, 2016, 5-10/290

Marquis Daniel, Blake, Hybrid DE/LB, 2016, 6-1/265
Kelvin Broome, Lakeland, ILB, 2016, 6-1/240
Thomas Roman, Countryside, ILB, 2016, 5-10/215
Devon Talton, Dunedin, ILB, 2016, 6-0/200-210
Patrick Lukert, Steinbrenner, ILB, 2016, 6-1/220-230

Outside linebacker
Kyheem Campbell, Armwood, OLB, 2016, 5-11/190-200
Horace Boswell, Ridge Community, OLB, 2016, 6-0/195
DeMarkus Glover, Northside Christian, OLB, 2016, 6-1/215
Deandre Pride, Victory Christian, OLB, 2016, 6-1/225
Nate Demint, Pinellas Park, OLB/H-BACK, 2016, 6-1/230

Offensive Line
Hunter Hramika, Springstead, OG, 2016, 6-2/315
Austin Plaisted, George Jenkins, OG, 2016, 6-3/260-270
Doron Gibbons, Ridge Community, OG, 2016, 6-3/255
L’Dre Barnes, Admiral Farragut, OG, 2016, 6-3/290
Trevon Lincoln, Central, OG, 2016, 6-3/305

Isaiah McIntyre, Bloomingdale, DTQB, 2016, 6-1/198
Garrison Bryant, Clearwater, QB, 2016, 6-3/175
Trent Chmelik, Countryside, QB, 2016, 6-0/190
Malik Tyson, Robinson, QB, 2016, 6-2/195
Bryce Martin, Wharton, QB, 2016, 6-1/175-185

Running backs
Deshawn Smith, Nature Coast Tech., RB, 2016, 5-9/170-180
Glass Wilson, Ridgewood, RB, 2016, 5-10/185-195
Darius Miller, St. Petersburg, RB, 2016, 5-8/160-170
Jacquel Waller, St. Petersburg, RB, 2016, 5-10/170-180
Chris Schwarz, River Ridge, RB, 2016, 5-10/205

Tyler Scott, Armwood, S, 2016, 5-9/175
Dedarallo Blue, Armwood, S, 2016, 5-11/185
Renell Guerrier, Auburndale, S, 2016, 6-0/185
Camerron Ellis, Clearwater, S, 2016, 6-3/175
Darius Williams, Northside Christian, S, 2016, 5-10/180-190

Tight End
Chris Barrett, Countryside, TE, 2016, 6-3/235
Noah Carlson, Tampa Catholic, TE, 2016, 6-4/200-210
Jacob Tinch, Weeki Wachee, TE, 2016, 6-4/225
Pro Wells, Dixie Hollins, TE, 2016, 6-5/210

Wide Receiver
Reggie Carter, Manatee, WR, 2016, 5-11/165-175
RB Marlow, Lakeland Christian, WR, 2016, 5-10/170
Dekarai Allen, Largo, WR, 2016, 6-2/180
JJ Lewis, Mitchell, WR, 2016, 6-3/180-190
Marquis Zimmerman, Kathleen, Slot, 2016, 5-10/160

Trey Fullwood, East Bay, UTL – (WR/DB), 2016, 6-1/200
DeAndre Dancil, St. Petersburg, UTL – (WR/DB), 2016, 5-11/160-170
Raj Balenger, Alonso, UTL – (WR/DB), 2016, 5-11/175
Tekendrick Roberson, Winter Haven, UTL (RB/DB), 2016, 5-10/170
Derrien Bomar, Lake Gibson, UTL (RB/DB), 2016, 5-11/175