Keep Your Eyes on These Three From Dr. Phillips.

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DeMario Tolan, Dr. Phillips 2022 (6-3/210-220) Instinctive. Closes fast. Ballhawk. The speed jumps off the screen. Over and over Tolan is meeting ball carriers in the backfield. It’s one of the films where you just sit back and let it run. He accelerates off blocks and through ball carriers. Love how he disengages blocks, shows awareness, and locates the ball early. He brings his hips on contact and strikes!

Payton Kirkland, Dr. Phillips 2023 OT (6-8/310-320) Good bend. Aggressive and athletic. Can explode, pop and recoil. He blows defenders completely off the ball. They usually end up 12 yards deep with the safeties. Space player…Does very well tracking and attacking at the second level. Great in pass protection with a good kick and leverage without up lunging. He always protects the edge/corner well during the run and pass.

Kameryn Metcalf, Dr. Phillips 2022 SAF (5-10/170-180) Sure tackler. Some burst to the ball. Reliable over the top.