Keahnist Thompson, Lakeland 2022 TE/DE

Keahnist Thompson

Lakeland High School
(Lakeland, FL)

2022 TE/DE

Height: 6-4

Weight: 235

Projection: Defensive End

Strength: Quickness off the ball

Improvements: Lateral movement

Evaluation: Playing at a legacy program, one of the greatest in the state of Florida and in the nation, Thompson is in the long line of gifted athletes to play for the Lakeland Dreadnaughts. He has a massive frame standing at 6-4 and room to grow at 235 pounds. A good tight end; soft hands and strong runner with the ball in his hands. Really good blocker in location and able to shadow/block defenders when split out in the slot. However, we project him as a defensive end as he has a fantastic get-off and live motor. Watching his film, he runs like a lion after prey from the backside and rarely loses contain. Enough speed to change direction if outflanked. He has the ability to turn speed into power as a pass rusher and awareness to find the ball in the backfield during run plays. At times, defensively he will play high because he is usually more athletically gifted than offensive linemen across from him. He’ll need to develop more pass rush moves before hitting the college campus. But, he’s a dog at DE. Straight-line runner when playing tight end. Automatic first down if he catches the ball while on his feet. Would like to see him develop his lateral movement. Be more agile in the open field when running the ball.