Kathleen’s Jonavan Carr Determined To Showcase “Fresh Start”

Lakeland, April 12, 2018– “I had 3 catches for 60 yards this past season. I was underestimated a lot.” 5’10” 175-pound wide receiver and student-athlete Jonavan Carr was heavily underutilized in this past junior season at George Jenkins High and has since found a new football home in Kathleen High’s program, as he transferred in January. Carr is more than hungry to lace em’ up and put his full capabilities on display as he writes the final pages in his high school football career book this senior season.

From the film available, anyone could watch and tell that on every down of every play, when Jonavan lines up on the field, he is always prepared for constant action, eager for receptions and willingly making special teams’ plays for his team.

“I’m looking forward to be the leading receiver in catches and yards- my goal is to have 7 touchdowns and 900 yards by the end of the season. In the offseason I’m at weightlifting practice every day of the week to get stronger and working on my ladder and cone drills for quickness. Every morning I remind myself my grades have to stay great, I know there is no football without that and when I’m working out I say to myself this is my last year coming up, so I have to push myself extra hard.”

His mind-set and motivation are keys in his focus and progression for when he takes the final product to the gridiron, and recognizes rule #1 that academics come first as he invests in this process of reaching the elite bar he’s set for himself. “Our head coach isn’t just a football coach, he’s a mentor-always telling you right from wrong, and my teammates are like brothers to me now, we talk every day. I feel this season is going to be so much better and beneficial to me. I plan on going to college on a full ride scholarship for football and a major in business or in the medical field, just have to narrow it down and the success teacher at Kathleen took us on college tours to FSU and FAMU.”

“The toughest part is being underestimated of what I know I’m capable of doing, but the best part about the process is when I see the look on people’s faces after I prove them all wrong; and in my spare time you can catch me on them sticks playing Fortnite!”

For Jonavan Carr, doubters make his ‘Victory Royale’ and the grind that much sweeter, and he’s ready to establish himself as a legitimate elite in his new surroundings as a Red Devil taking his final season by the horns!

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor