Kathleen: Success will start with the defense

District Champions and defeated city rival Lakeland all in one year. What will Kathleen do for an encore? Each time I visit Kathleen they are doing one of two things: Either beating a team on the scoreboard or learning how to beat a team on the scoreboard. Kathleen coaches do a great job of slowing down practice to take advantage of every coaching moment. But the coaches can only do so much. When the ball is snapped, the players have to make plays and the Red Devils lost a lot of playmakers, a result of graduation.

WR/ATH Marquis Zimmerman will likely wear several hats and line up at several different positions in order to get his hands on the ball. He is the most explosive player on the team and will have to carry the load until another offensive players shows consistent production.

On defense, CB Malcom Lanier, DT Justin Andrews and LB/DE Freud Senat all return. The foundation of a stiff Red Devil defense one season ago, all three will need to develop into team leaders and show consistent production. Coach Strickland spoke highly of DE Francisco Nelson and OL Eddie Williams. Both young players with a huge upside. Nelson stands about 6-3 with tremendous length. Williams is a big 6-5 offensive linemen that will be a beast after he transforms in the weight room.