Jonathan Jean vs. Malik Channer: Head to Head

Jon Jean, East Bay

Basketball season is right around the corner so it’s time to shine some light on area players. Today we feature two of the best point guards in Tampa Bay. One with plenty of recruiting attention and verbal offers. The other, not so much. However the two prospects have a few commonalities that make them special.

East Bay, 2015 PB


Strawberry Crest, 2014 PG

Lets start with this: Both Jean and Channer are Breakdown Showcase studs. They ripped the event, igniting their recruiting process and leading them to some prestigious showcases. After Breakdown, Jean was invited to attend Nike Team Florida the Workout, where he did very well and was selected to become a member of the Nike Team Florida travel team. Channer lit up the Breakdown Showcase this season, which attracted college coaches to come see him in person during school workouts. How do these two baller compare?

Before the season starts this year, lets rewind the clock back one season ago. Last season Jean scored 50 more points than Channer and averaged 14 points per game with 133 made field goals. Channer was not far behind with 126 made field goals and averaged 12 points per game. Both shot near 50% from the field, but Channer edged out Jean in 3 pointers made and attempted with a slightly less 3FG%.

From the stripe, Jonathan was a decent 67% while Channer hit half of his attempts at 54%. Jean topped Channer in rebounds and steals. Jean had 29 more rebounds and 20 more steals than the Strawberry Crest Charger. However, Channer would win the assist category with 138 gifts, 15 more than his counterpart.

Malik Channer, Strawberry Crest

The biggest difference in any of the statistics was turnovers. Jean, 47 turnovers in 26 games. That’s right around 2 per game. Channer, 90 turnovers in 26 games. That’s 3.5 turnovers per game. As a point guard, you are expected to take care of the ball and get other involved, putting them in good scoring positions. Taking advantage of scoring opportunity yourself.

Fast forward to the spring

When the debate arises, who is the better point guard; there will never be an ending. They are so similar, but so different at the same time. It’s more of a preference. Which style of player would you want running your offense? Both are capable of changing speeds, can push the ball in transition or pull up and run the half court offense. Both get into the paint and collapse the defense, kicking the ball out for favorable open shots. Both have great lateral quickness and defend well in man-to-man situations. Both are the best ball handlers on their team and two of the best in the area. Jean a bit flashier with quick stop and go acceleration. Channer, deceptive speed, smooth and uses the art of elusion. Making a defender think he sees one thing and then something else happens with the ball.

Their court vision is what makes them special. Both see the court extremely well. Jean a slight advantage in transition. Channer a slight advantage in half court sets. Both set up their teammates for easy shots and feed the post when appropriate. Jean would rather be a distributor, scoring when the opportunity is there or getting hot and scoring in bunches. East Bay head varsity basketball coach, Billy Teeden had this to say about his junior PG, “ Jon is a pass first PG who has the ability to score in bunches. Jon truly makes those around him better.”

“Create” would be the word to describe Channer. He is able to create for himself and others early and often. Strawberry Crest varsity basketball coach Andre Lewis stated. “He is a coach on the floor, he controls the tempo of the game. Can create for himself and others.” Both players are sound decision makers and have great court awareness. Jonathan has really improved his outside shooting and extended his range. Has become more of a threat at the perimeter, adding to his arsenal of weapons. Channer is a slightly better and consistent outside shooter. Sweet stroke from the set or off the dribble.

It’s a matter of opinion and preference. Both players get the job done, just use different methods