JONATHAN ALLION: The Central Point

JONATHAN ALLION, Central (Brooksville), 2018, TE
JONATHAN ALLION, Central (Brooksville), 2018, TE

The Tight end has becoming increasing popular in the generational offensive schemes. The athletic, aggressive player who can run, catch, block and think offer a wide range of versatility to advanced schemes. Many times college football coaches use receiver attributes to evaluate tight end prospects: Speed, agility, explosion, route running. The reason is, tight ends are lined up in so many different locations and used in so many ways.

JONATHAN ALLION, Central (Brooksville), 2018, TE is an intricate part of the Central offense because of his ability to make plays…simple! After watching him on film the last few seasons and now observing him throughout the BCP camp circuit this offseason, we have a better evaluation of this potential prospect. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to block on the edge. He is super aggressive with great hand placement and an attitude to accomplish his assignment. It’s one thing block a stationary defender. Another to mirror and block a moving target. Allion has the ability either set the edge or move the perimeter hole.

Along with his ability to block as a traditional tight end, Jonathan has good athleticism and good hands to be a receiving threat. He can uncover from linebackers, find holes in zone defenses and catch the ball outside of his frame. Many teams are electing to keep the more athletic tight end in the game as much as possible. Limiting personnel changes. Because Allion is a receiving threat as well as a quality blocker, Central rarely substitutes him as he provides value in nearly every offensive set.