Jesuit and Tampa Catholic Do Have This In Common

Florida – The 2020 high school football season is coming to a close. With the conclusion of the padded season, starts the evaluation season. The BCP camp circuit will consist of two non-padded evaluation camps. Small Skill in January. Big Skill and Linemen in February. Register HERE!

We want college coaches to start noticing the campers we are excited to see in the camp/training setting versus talent they do not see during the season. We want the promotion to start early in hopes college coaches are attracted to many of the same kids we are.

Take a look at our Twitter following to see the college coaches, evaluators, and high school sports publications that follow us. Watch the content we produce. All it takes is for one coach to like a player we have promoted. That player is noted, communication starts, camp invites are sent and hopefully, offers are extended.

We want those [College Coaches] to see something in the content we publish to make those same college coaches research more on the players we promote.

Defensive backs really thrive in our camp circuit because we actually get to see them in man-2-man situations. Not many teams play man-2-man and kids could thrive in a camp setting because they have that ability they don’t get to show off on Friday Nights. Today we drop two defensive backs who attracted our attention. Take a look at the WATCH LIST.

Caleb Williams, Jesuit (Tampa) 2022 SAF – Always around the ball. Always in great football position. Swift and smooth in his movements. Jesuit is headed to the State Class 5A Final Four versus American-Heritage (Plantations) this Friday and the defense has been stingy through the air. As a team, Jesuit has 18 total interceptions; 3 for Wiliams. Caleb is third on the team in solo tackles with 46. A physical defensive back with great ball skills. We are excited to see him in January.

Tavoy Feagin, Tampa Catholic 2024 ATH – Tampa Catholic always seems to have one. One super intriguing, athletic, young defensive back. This year is no different. Congrats to the Crusaders on a fantastic season and “Thank You” for letting us evaluate Tavoy in January. What we see on film: Explosive on contact. Twitchy. Fantastic anticipation. The kid could be “BIG TIME!”